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  • 16 Eylül 2014, Salı 23:18

Lady Gaga's The Wind in Istanbul

Lady Gaga's The Wind in Istanbul
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European tour to Turkey under the famous star Lady Gaga fans with a concert in Istanbul was a memorable night .

İstanbul news: European tour to Turkey under the famous star Lady Gaga fans with a concert in Istanbul was a memorable night .
for weeks waiting impatiently for the Lady Gaga concert hours before the concert, fans began to gather in the area . The intense interest shown by a concert of famous names . Months before the Lady Gaga concert tickets offered for sale to the intense interest shown by the citizens . Gaga fans coming to the concert held at ITU has created color images . Notable for marginal clothes Lady Gaga fans , the concert was formed long queues to enter the field . Concerts in various regions of Turkey from the people as well as from different countries also from many fans joined .
Concert from America with his mother, who attended the concert a citizen Lady Gaga loved ones, saying in Turkish \"very nice, \"he said. Begum from Bursa to watch the concert of the cast , is very excited and curious about Lady Gaga's costumes , he said. Their daughters to the concert stating that Hale spill , the exciting , he said .
CONCERT FAMOUS intense interest
Lady Gaga concert , Shaukat Suha Tezel Özkan Ugur, Ferhat Göçer and Life Gedik pair , Laurel Samyeli , Burcu Güneş , including many famous names showed great interest .
Concert coming to watch Ferhat Göçer and Life Green pair , Gaga's clothing costume wondered , he said. Shortly after starting the concert in the concert area is the bay Samyeli was excited , he said. The famous singer , Burcu Güneş , \"In recent years a worldwide unique name that Lady Gaga wonder . Fact style and their beautiful voices in front of the turns . One such a vision go out with him because like that we accept ,\"he said.
on the other hand, to the concert peddlers Seizing the opportunity to earn money , he said he was not happy as they wait for sales .

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