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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:41

Laginer ÇOMU Rector, the more powerful are entering the new school year

Laginer ÇOMU Rector, the more powerful are entering the new school year
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COMU (ÇOMÜ) Rector.


. Sues, every aspect of the new school year entered into a more powerful way, he said. Located next to the first record of this year Laginer students today, said that about 10 thousand students on the first record.

Laginer Rector, said in a statement:"I The first placement ÇOMÜ 'surface of approximately 10 thousand students have chosen. Additional installations, horizontal transfer, vertical shift, and more than 13 foreign students this year with our records ÇOMÜ'ye waiting for our new students. This figure is even greater than the number of total students in many universities. past two ÇOMÜ'nün was an increase of around 15 thousand years, the number of students. This means a growth of more than 50 percent compared to two years ago. ÇOMÜ On the other hand, the number of academic and administrative staff, infrastructure investments, and to increase the development of educational tools and materials, building stock expanding, improving the quality of education, made great strides in strengthening the infrastructure of scientific production. entering this context, the 2013-2014 academic year as well as more than ready to have a great family we have become a university."

Prof. Dr. Laginer, all important tasks in compliance with the new students fell into the Dardanelles and underlining ÇOMÜ'ye urged the following:"ÇOMÜ More than 90 percent of students coming from other cities. Every year ÇOMÜ itself from other provinces students have to endear. Puanlarımızda choice, there are significant increases edilirliğimizde. Incoming students ÇOMÜ'ye harmonization of the Dardanelles, and a separate task. greater responsibilities in this regard falls Çanakkale. rents, issues such as transportation and communication Dardanelles great expectation. the best way to build great hopes for the future of its young people to keep it from the Dardanelles. In this way, our province and our country will be both."

ÇOMÜ'nün noted that a university better with each passing year Sues, said :"E ducation quality and better every year, reaching a point of scientific production. ÇOMÜ now, perhaps, is the fastest growing university in Turkey. us who prefer our students, this is a good education and bright preferences araladılar for a successful future. ÇOMÜ'yü won a tough exam but everything does not end in making university entrance exams. ÇOMÜ'de challenging, but it comes to a quality education. For this reason, you need discipline and hard work. ÇOMÜ all kinds of hard work and self-development infrastructure for with hope to evaluate it well."

Laginer ÇOMU Rector, the more powerful are entering the new school year" comments for.


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