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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:31

Lamb:\"We received a lead stressful \"

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Yalova representative Altınova Belediyespor'da Regional Amateur League coach in Rasul Lamb, was the highlight of their win in the final match Modafensp the face is very important .

Yalova news: The emphasis that they struggled with 10 people in the second half of the Lamb , taken in the face of defeat is psychologically affected by Gebzespor team said they did Modafensp the face of extreme stress . Photo 3 . indicating much they tried to exit the league Altınova FC Technical Director Rasul Lamb, \"last week has affected the psychological us defeat after the Gebzespor match . Our disability than that, this week, too . But our children were well prepared for the game. Perhaps due to excessive stress , we played a terrible football . game well prepared to beautiful bad game, extreme haste, prevented us from playing good football on feel too much pressure. the first half we experienced difficulties inevitably after 10 people . We played the second half full of 10 people . this fight is very well supplied with 10 people . We are a team struggling . I say this all the time , fans support us , I believe we have come to a better place after being behind us. 10 I congratulate all my players because of this struggle with the person, I kiss their foreheads health on their feet. we see our missing , we are working according to them . we are trying to come I hope to better places . represent the Yalova BAL only team in the league . The Yalova Tülintepe so we're trying to represent very good. Including fans who have supported us in particular , our administrators , our president , we thank our mayor. After being supporters we are nothing. Supporters need a lot of support. We want the fans behind us. We stayed in this match , our manager Kemal Bey , had a heart attack , I would gift him . He came up from the hospital bed to support our side . We will then come to a better place . If we try we will be successful . We presume we know we will be successful . We are a team who knows our presume . Our work will continue and we will strive to bring the best place Tülintepe \"he said.

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