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  • 06 Ocak 2014, Pazartesi 12:47

Large and Heavy Volume is harming the ears Earrings

Large and Heavy Volume is harming the ears Earrings
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Looks great earrings are large and heavy volume actually damaging to the ears.

İzmir news: Looks great earrings are large and heavy volume actually damaging to the ears.
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Specialist is op.dr.bah Barnes,
related to the damage of large earrings said:"G oday most commonly performed ear surgery operation prominent ear correction is only in women for many years, heavy and bulky earrings use which results earlobe ptosis correction of the recently frequently maintained. performed under local anesthesia which this transaction ear folds into a hidden incision is made and the ear nozzle necessary parts removed tissue is reshaped. thus earlobes sagging is eliminated. Large and heavy bulky earrings for many years used only earlobe sags may not cause, but also wear earrings the holes also expand. Excessive enlarged, asymmetric, which become and torn holes in it surgically close the able . of this process at least two months after the new holes do not recommend earlobe."
"I do not RECOMMENDS piercing"
eczema and allergy in particular, improper use of earrings can be formed indicating Baykal said :"K handyman cartilage piercing insertion in any way I do not recommend, cause serious infections cartilage melt the ear's natural shape may be distorted. hoop earrings, engagement risk is high, therefore the ear damaging more likely it is . titanium, silver and made of gold earrings should be preferred. earlobes be made to the operations usually performed under local anesthesia. 30 min period after this procedure in the hospital also not need to stay home, rest is enough."
prominent ears CORRECTION
the ears by correcting gives information about Barnes, said completed :"K ep ears correction 5-6 after age done at any age. Ideally, pre-school aesthetic intervention is done, otherwise in this period hurtful words exposed child is experiencing psychological trauma, self-esteem thus success at school can influence. Bucket eared women their hair long, leaving actually the problem in a sense of personal find solutions, but they put their hair up unable after a period of distress can be. Observations far; after surgery first they usually had their hair cut or hair gathered to go outside. surgery in adults with local or general anesthesia can be done in children is always a general anesthetic would be preferred. Approximately 1.5 hours in surgery objective ear between the head and drop to 30-45 degrees between is to attract. To achieve this We're trying to fix the ear with a special stitching methods. Ear bandage can be used up to two weeks. 3 months after surgery is very important to take blows to the ear."

Large and Heavy Volume is harming the ears Earrings" comments for.


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