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SON Dakika

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  • 15 Ocak 2013, Salı 00:09

Last day! Click here to download the SDK reference guide OSYM

Last day! Click here to download the SDK reference guide OSYM
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Today is the last day for applications for the 2013 SDK. Click and download the SDK reference guide ...

SSPC 2013 a statement from the SDK the total to 54 677 thousand are reported to the candidate's application. Centers of reference of the candidates 580'inin 573 thousand, 103 thousand 474 candidates individually through the internet SDK application ing reported the completion of the statement, 1 million 53 thousand 535 candidates stated that the payment of examination fee.

Exam fee not carry the meaning of the highlighted statement made reference to the exam being deposited, ÖSYS'ye applications January 15th 23:59 h at ends announced.

SDK on March 24, the applicant is required depending on the results of preparatory work to begin immediately recorded in this period, the statement uzatılmayacağının said:

'' Application for the candidate in completing the candidates on the website of OSYM Operations System ( to check their contact information and other stages of the examination will be the benefits of'll need to store their passwords carefully. Without a reference to the last day of high school seniors centers of the candidates to complete their applications via the Internet, to make their applications as soon as possible candidates to make individual application and check the contact information on the internet to be sure you have completed the application will be the benefits.''

Last day! Click here to download the SDK reference guide OSYM" comments for.


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