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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:57

Laugh Alcohol Practice from police

Laugh Alcohol Practice from police
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Çanakkale Regional Police Department Traffic Control Branch teams, made ​​an interesting application to draw attention to the dangers of drinking and driving .

Çanakkale news: Once inserted, giving the feeling alcoholic'alcohol glasses, the wearer citizens, police officers tried to implement a simple commands. The resulting images , audience laughter drowned . Photo Çanakkale , wanting to tell the public the impact on the drivers alcoholic Area Traffic Control Directorate teams, made ​​an application in the square pier . UymUş alcohol-inspiring feeling when plugged practice'Drunkbusters'( akol glasses ) was used. 150 and 350 promil alcoholic giving the feeling of wearing glasses 2 separate citizens, tried to fulfill the simple instructions given by the police . Wearing glasses citizens, to walk on a straight line drawn on the ground , how to keep a ball thrown , and the police tried to open the car door on one leg to stand on . Simple commands across the response of citizens who wears glasses , the audience laughter drowned . Photo Drunkbusters named citizen wearing glasses , found it difficult to fulfill the command. Glasses from the mobile phone by plugging'Mehmet'a person named Jennifer search the desired holidays, despite the hassle of typing a long time could not reach the phone number name. Feast , \"As the human can sometimes be managed , it can take can think of it as , but it is not. People do understand better sober . He changed unless Insert the glasses were unable to walk to everything . On the way, we could not open the door. He could not reached it if something will happen to us. The very bad thing could occur. Çanakkale Police Directorate was that it was taught to us it feels , \"he said . Photo Çanakkale District Traffic Branch Manager Pala, \"alcohol drivers are trying to reflect a certain extent he saw that moment as . accident 97 percent of human origin. this 97 percent'I've done to attract the attention the what caused the alcohol in . we aim to tell should not be used when the vehicle is Alcoholic be . our little while ago a friend could not find the car's keyhole. he wanted to find the other hand , or a mate . So faculties are lost. it is also using fast transport within cities people , vehicles , considering the usual state is intense , we see how we can experience a great loss , \"he said .


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