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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:38

Laughing Faces in Yalova Belediyespor'un

Laughing Faces in Yalova Belediyespor'un
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Yalova Municipality Basketball Coach Dağhan Oguz said that prevailed at the end of the week they Luleburgaz match before the play-off for team morale .

Yalova news: Oguz indicating Photo Spades they were very good start , \"3 we take very much to period . However, the period to the different entry team dropped to number 10 at the end of the match aware that create complacency on ,\"he said . Oğuz , indicating that the Karamursel Youth match in Photo Front, \"This season we put was an important match for playoff goals. we take the field with this consciousness and core have a very good start . in particular , we opened increasingly well you play through the outside shots and we entered a margin as circuit 62-33 . 3. quarter, we started with a fast-break points , more it was a balanced period and entered ahead by far number 30 in the last quarter. However, the last period has caused us to break away from the complacency game discipline imposed by the difference in how we enter though the match have earned the weather . Competitor's percentage outside shots in addition to this difference dropped to number 10 from number 30 . 3 periods too we played a good game in the final period but did not suit us . Whatever we need to put an end to the match without doors in the room for complacency. Karamursel team will play in the coming weeks as we won the second match . Will be a very difficult match . Our competitor has a team of experienced players can say that the game is a kind of leadership. We want to leave the game well prepared pitch, surely win . Our intention is to return to Yalova leader , \"he said .

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