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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:34

Law Practice in Greater Meetings Start Workshop

Law Practice in Greater Meetings Start Workshop
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Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality hosted the Workshop on Applications of the Metropolitan Law No. 6360 on the meeting began.

Sakarya news:
Sapanca Gural Hotel in the workshop held the first session of the AK Party on Local Government , Vice President Abdul Hamid Gul and Sakarya Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu Besides , the AK Party, Kocaeli Deputy Elijah Sugar, the AK Party Konya deputy Mustafa Baloğlu , AK party Nigde Deputy Alpaslan Athletes , AK Party Istanbul deputy Erol Kaya , the AK Party Denizli Deputy Bilal end , the AK Party MKYK Members Master Mavis , Metropolitan Municipalities general secretaries, district mayors , academics and NGO representatives also attended.
program's opening speech who Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu the workshop beneficial to bring results Wishing , \"Turkey rebuild the AK Party movement , in fact, one aspect of municipal movement has emerged as . AK Party cadres , municipalities reveal their services with the understanding legends have . country's fate have changed and Turkey again made ​​it into one of history's great actors . Compared to past the AK Party , made ​​major reforms in local government too . Despite many obstacles, the fundamental laws of the local government was reorganized with a new understanding . Municipal Law , the Law on Metropolitan Municipalities , Special Provincial Administrations and municipalities receive a share of the Law on General Budget Revenues were enacted . In this context, the scale of the problem, the municipality has significantly resolved . Municipalities to establish criteria have been revised , \"he said .
With the new law basically metropolitan services in all provinces border spread to that description Add to President Toçoğlu ,\"Municipalities city traffic , housing, culture, art, tourism, youth , sports , social welfare, health , vocational and skills , economy and trade, was given an important role in development . Has enhanced the efficiency of local councils . During this period, local governments met new concepts and insights . Through a program of strategic plans and performance targets laid concrete in front of them . The arrangements made in the local government more efficient , transparent, accountable, God willing, as the AK Party municipalities more to empower and strengthen the financial structure now in the case of our work will continue, \"he said .
Sakarya Metropolitan Law of the AK Party with local authorities about the most important reforms began his speech by stating that one of the AK Party Deputy Chairman in charge of local Government Abdul Hamid Gul, \"the party's need for local government reform in legislation and in practice it is part of a quiet revolution in local government . Metropolitan Act with 77 percent of Turkey's population has started to benefit from greater service . This law is indeed very important reform , \"he said .
Of democracy, prosperity and development of the locally would start his speech by terminating Rose,\"AK Party authority and financial aspects of local government strengthening the principle itself a political act is . Because we are democracy , prosperity and development starts from the local believe that . In this sense, we have made various studies related to local government , the necessary steps will be taken in the period ahead . The AK Party is a party competing with itself . What more can be done with the idea for the nation is moving. I hope in the unity and solidarity of our nation will continue to work for . Workshop of implementation of new services for the charity to be instrumental in hope , \"he said .
Gul's statement after the day's first session was held . Administrative Perspective Metropolitan Law Practice Results, discussion of the session , Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary-General Ibrahim Wrestler Metropolitan municipalities Administrative Structure a presentation on the left. Wrestler after the presentation, the participants on the issues discussed and the city in the current situation regarding shared information . Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General , academics , town mayors and NGO representatives held with the 6360 No. Metropolitan Law Practice Results Workshop October 12, will be held at 10.00 am on Sunday, conclusions and will end with the closing program .


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