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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:48

Lawn Mufti Visits from the Müsiad

Lawn Mufti Visits from the Müsiad
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Mufti Hope Lawn, MÜSIAD visited Malatya Branch , Branch President Mehmet Balin and board members met for a while .

Malatya news:
MÜSIAD Branch President Mehmet Bali's visit in his speech , thank you for visiting and said:\"We recently Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Provincial Mufti in Turkey and abroad, his work closely would follow. We also MÜSIAD be established in since the day ethical businessmen honest businessmen to train and educate them on behalf serious efforts are we making . us in our vision and our mission as with you serious relations a collective. for this reason, together we will do many collaborative feature . Malatya and human interest projects regardless together to do will be honored and that we are ready \"he said.
Mufti Hope Lawn , the refund came to visit , saying ,\"Malatya, we just apricot known for not a city . Malatya indeed a distinguished our city , a filled our city . Both science cognoscenti , with the heart-employed with read by people , and with it the state with the largest not only in Malatya , Malatya outside a prominent industrialists and businessmen with our city . In a city like working because I'm happy I want to express , \"he said.
\"Something here also want to explain , \"said Mufti Lawn said:
\"of the industry , the trades of our many issues to benefit , here Turkey There Religious Foundation . Religious Foundation of Turkey , one of our country's eminent foundation . This is our foundation, not only in our country , geography abroad in our hearts our home region extending our foundation that has a great service . In Malatya, Turkey Religious Foundation have a study on the restructuring . MÜSIAD help and support on this issue I'm waiting for your president . We Religious Foundation of Turkey as a'Irfan Supper','Feast of Hearts'under the name of our businessmen , industrialists , senior managers a decent place for our week in the hope to establish a scientific council . Religious Foundation of Turkey in such an activity that needs a physical space . Worthy of Malatya , Turkey Religious Foundation Dinner on behalf of the lore befitting the establishment of a facility worthy of Management at Musik at the point of waiting for help . I entrust you with this issue . If you help in , we intend to make the service better . \"

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