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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 17:44

Lead Mounted Maganda , who died and was buried with

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Kastamonu fired into the air during wedding entertainment died with the lead maganda Nihat horseback , was buried .

Kastamonu news:
Stone Bridge township Çaycevh-Falk Can a pair of Mary in the village participated in the wedding ceremony Nihat Horsemen, the bullet fired randomly into the air during the wedding fun was the target . On the back of the bullets from the gun seriously injured after being shot Nihat horseback , in the environment of a private vehicle Kastamonu Dr. Münif İslamoğlu was asked to be taken to the State Hospital . Nihat where the car horseback , came to the village at the time Halaçl collided with a tractor . Nihat Mounted medical teams called to the accident , was taken to hospital in the ambulance placed . Despite all the interventions in the hospital Nihat horseback , were killed . For an autopsy Ankara Forensic Medicine Institution taken to Nihat horseback , wherein the process followed by the Forensic Medicine Institution taken from his hometown Kastamonu was introduced.
At the same time the village headman's son is married and has two children , Nihat horseback , on the Stone Bridge Çaycevh in the village of his family and loved ones tears was buried in .
fired the gun after the incident started large-scale investigation to find the Gendarmerie teams , many people were detained . In the meantime, the village is also married and has two children learned Rights Yilmaz (37), fired into the air admitted that he was handed over to the gendarmerie . Rights Yilmaz, removed from the judicial authorities arrested and sent to prison for .

Lead Mounted Maganda , who died and was buried with" comments for.


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