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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:55

Leader of Ukrainian separatists oath Inaugurated

Leader of Ukrainian separatists oath Inaugurated
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Russian side of the control and made ​​the east of Ukraine elected as president does not recognize elections in breakaway regions of Western countries began Zakharchenko Alexander sworn .

Donetsk news: Photo Russian rebels \"Donetsk Mainland \"in the region called , which is considered as the stronghold of the separatist and theater at a ceremony at the high-security building protected Zakharchenko Alexander (38) began his oath . Zakharchenko's applause accompanied with automatic weapons and military uniforms war-weary hand at the ceremony were sworn Bible pressing separatists ready . The ceremony also Russian authorities after the war in 2008 and unilaterally declared independence from Georgia , Abkhazian officials were also present . Lower wing, the Vice President Alexei's Duma of the Russian Parliament Zhuravlev , congratulated Zakharchenko and \"does not leave the Russian self ,\"he said. Passing mood selection formalities for
Against a strong candidate without Zakharchenko , separatist goals of the choice of Russian supporters they stated that in accordance with their duty load . Photo Ukraine and Western governments Sunday's elections , held in late September and noted many times that concession seriously jeopardize the ceasefire . Officials do in the future in accordance with the laws of Ukraine stated that they planned elections in a difficult position . On the other hand, Russia gave its support to elections immediately . After Photo Ceremony entertainment continued with traditional Russian dances.

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