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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 17:09

Leakage of Municipal Water Fight Against Team

Leakage of Municipal Water Fight Against Team
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Municipality of Adiyaman under the Directorate of Financial Services Leak Water Control Supervisor teams , which increased with the summer months in order to prevent leakage of water use is made unremitting struggle .

Adıyaman news: Adıyaman Financial Services Directorate's Leak Water Control Supervisor teams summer, with increased leakage of water use in order to avoid continuous fighting is done.
In Adiyaman dry last summer caused the water problem than not to experience water leakage, teams in their work in the field of illegal use city drinking water is not open to the eyes malevolent person . The controls made from time to time drinking water and fields , vineyards and orchards , even watered it is determined that said.
Adiyaman Municipality statement made by the Financial Services Directorate's working teams, leakage of water continued to struggle and from citizens notice instantly is evaluated and recorded \"It should be noted that the leakage of water users both themselves and society harm are . GAP , prevent crime , better and qualified to serve illegal use water to seal breaking against the very serious and stably are struggling . that's why drinking water leakage and wastage in order to prevent extensive work is being done . apartments, detached houses, basements and attics until he got to leak water exploration is done. Solar-powered systems, water meters are checked . so drinking water no meters and illegal use clamp down on not . illegal use of water to prevent the legally what are made if necessary . Therefore, leakage of water use strictly eye open and will not.
Also around the illegal use water-sensitive citizens shortage of water we took in this period , leakage of water people who use our municipality 153 No. phone by calling the notification making them want . This is a humanitarian mission . Please Leakage of water for this, let us denounce kullandırtmayal and use . Because water is life, water is the future and our future together, let's keep away from \"the statement said .

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