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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:54

Leather fight in Tarsus:6 Injured

Leather fight in Tarsus:6 Injured
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In Tarsus, Mersin , leather collection in the fight over the issue , six people were injured .

Mersin news:
Tozkoparan Zahit HDPE and oppressed members of the Association in the district in the neighborhood of the discussion was due to skin picking . Association members themselves oppressed in the governorship , despite the description that he or she is authorized to collect skin HDPE asked them to leave the neighborhood of the members . Discussion of the growth into a fight with stones and sticks . Events with the participation of supporters of the terrorist organization neighborhood has returned to the battlefield . Many police pepper spray to fight the so-called scorpion with the tools and TomAce intervened. During the event, the door of a police car was dismantled by demonstrators . Dismantled door was delivered to the police by the citizens . In cases where the stones fly through the air , including six people from both sides were injured.
Police for about an hour as a result of the intervention has calmed events . Oppressed members of the Association upon its removal from the scene on the opposite side of the left.
Police took security measures in the neighborhood .

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