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  • 04 Şubat 2014, Salı 10:08

Less Course Work on holiday

Less Course Work on holiday
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Spring Break students in the entertainment, recreation and study warning that the experts, study reminders of the school year in contrast to the scarcity found.

Aydın news:
the 2013-2014 academic year, which ended on January 24 as the first half ended on January 24. Children left behind an intense period semester, report cards and are enjoying the holiday. Experts children amused for 15 days holidays, relaxation and recommend the course to spend working. Experts, such as children during the school day instead of the intensive work, making work a maximum of 1 hour reminder of the opinion that a positive impact on academic achievement.
The purpose of vacation to relax and for children 2 Semester to prepare advocating that Expert Guidance Atilla Altun;"on vacation course on school days as a busy work should not be done. Reminder studies children's academic performance is quite positive effects. These studies a day, one time shall not exceed. Examination prepared children questions can solve the missing issues can complement. 15th throughout the day from school and courses to break, return from vacation the school motivation negative effects. wasted spend time in a real sense not relax perhaps a more tireless may mean. people their jobs doing different activities to relax at. semester breaks, different activities as an opportunity to be seen, on holiday various activities and events should be included,"he said.
visit friends
efficient for a vacation school friend visits emphasized the importance Altun;"Children at school from friends near their home area residents or move freely not nearby friends who are each other's homes, go to can come. families from visiting with children, and each other's family structure to better recognize both their friendship will become stronger. schools as non-canonical in an environment of friendship more can also enjoy. warm and face to face communication could enjoy up. Together with breakfast and chat over tea in the students regale the mutually motivate. Thus the house of loneliness and the virtual world at the mercy unbeatable. related visits can be done. semester breaks, family and kin ties opportunities for improvement are. soon sitting relatives are absolute must. Even possibilities by forcing remote also visit the to completely different results will breed. Especially grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, uncle, still people such as children contribute to the psychology is incredible,"he said.
children reside in the cities history spiritual and cultural places to visit, books in their homes to spend time in the training of a large contribution that point Altun, said:"Today's tour is called when the children's mind to shopping centers, go to the movies coming. they live in the city's historical, spiritual and cultural venues to visit the children of scientific knowledge save as psychological comfort also contribute. bookstores and book fairs navigable. Families with their children during the semester break bookstore can visit. they want or they like books they can purchase such new books may be followed. bookstore to go to necessarily get the book is not necessary. books money without spending a sightseeing visible, can be examined. authors' book signings can be followed., so book author interview with the chance to have be born. Additionally, the cinema or the theater can go. Filmmakers many children movie or children's theater beginning of the children's holiday period, equivalent to speculate. home television sits across the street rather than to the movies and go to the theater a more useful activity. Especially theater is more realistic and to understand the brain, the thought is always active.'re experiencing the city's facilities by the assessments can. Holiday home in something can be done. especially in school when the family's children to spend time one to share things quite difficult it is. Vacation for them is a good opportunity. tiring after a period home from the children to their parents they will explain or answer anything they like, many questions are. therefore parents' television closing cheerful start a conversation is the very time. these chat in times of parents to their children by asking them questions may suggest , the message they want to give their children and can give ideas"

Less Course Work on holiday" comments for.


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