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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:45

Let Gölbasi for Healthy Living

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Gölbasi Duruay Fatih Mayor , Council and all citizens Gölbasi organized with the cooperation Gölbasi Community Health Center Healthy Eating and Healthy Living invited Parade.

Ankara news: Photo Gölbasi Municipality and Gölbasi co-organized by Community Health Center \"For Healthy Living Come Gölbasi \"march of sport in our lives that aims to draw attention to the importance , that increase individuals'life energy to exercise, they feel better and that better appearance as well as life-long exercise making the heart and vascular diseases , high blood pressure and advanced age is aiming to attract attention to reduce problems like loss of bone density. Photo Gölbasi Mayor of Fatih Duruay , by inviting all Gölbaşı for a walk, \"being healthy people is an important element of happiness life. unhealthy every year life , many people are forced to cope with various diseases due to the . in the hands of you all the ropes of your life . Healthy living means yourself , your spouse , if any, to respect your children and love , if any. We need to be stored under various pretexts . your day 1 hour how much you busy and separate evenings now get yourself if stressful exceed you will not even very good. Then come together for a healthy life Gölbasi walk , \"he said .
\"Come Gölbasi for Healthy Life \"march will start from Ataturk Beach Park on Sunday November 16th at 11:00 am .

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