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  • 24 Mayıs 2013, Cuma 10:21

Let yourself fashion Romansına

Let yourself fashion Romansına
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:Hot weather is the perfect time to unleash your inner romantic side. Be wearing and how they looked at the trends of today's romantic.

summer, light-colored clothing and fashion brings the opportunity to reveal the romantic side. Business woman, fitness entrepreneur and owner of World Class Fitness Clubs agree with Olga Slutsker. Slutsker,"Everyday I like to wear long dresses,"she says. Plain bohemian styles suits her."I would prefer to wear something feminine but not too fancy. As the boss of the office do not have an obligation to go with the suit. Even I can wear sports clothing. I'm sitting here today elbisemle Marni. Very light and enjoy it."

dress, Moving Add Some Details

bohemian collection of Marni's beautiful shades of peach, ribbon belts and scarves scarf tied in the form of sums up the spirit of the season:a soft, romantic and merry.

Personalize your look

If you want to leave

others, making a difference in your appearance is very important personally. Jazz singer Maria Tarasevich,"recently but I heard many stories about women wearing the same dress at the party, this is not fun at all,"he says. Tarasevich right, after all, no one wants to feel like wearing a uniform.

Scarves, renew your appearance is the easiest way to personalize. Designers, been loosely around your neck, attached as bandana or headband offer great scarves. Diane Von Furstenberg, M Missione and Yarnz the season, some of the flashy eşarplarının put their signatures. Scarves, but also the style is the easiest way to add a floral or ethnic touches.



Gucci, Herve Leger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Emilio Pucci, body wraps all the summer collections, exhibited elegant mini skirts. Little, short stature may also show long-legged ladies. Narrow formfitting wear a skirt, make sure that very clear disrobe. T-shirt or try strap top, corset not. Gucci short shorts, knee-length pants, skirts Chanel, appealing to both at night and during the day.


Light tan, great legs is the best way to close the show or a few flaws. Be sure to choose the appropriate bronzlaştırıcıyı skin tone. To avoid the appearance of stripes and wavy bronzlaştırıcının Make sure your skin is absorbed by your skin is evenly distributed and. A healthy tan can be very sexy and attractive.



Maria Tarasevich'in as an artist, there is quite a busy pace. Moscow's notorious traffic, having to cope with the heat of summer, so a comfortable and stylish wardrobe pieces consist of the day. Tarasevich daily business style"democratic, style conscious, but not expensive,"he describes. To cope with the wide boulevards of Moscow Maria, signed by the designer prefers espadrilleri or wedge shoes and your favorite designer jeans are complemented by them anyway. Sailor stripes stylish tops with jeans or classic white pants in vibrant and stylish look is complete.

Hair and makeup


perfect attire or make-up to complete your look with a new hairstyle to refresh. The easiest way to get a sexy tan glow. Select one of the sun on your face and skin tone bronzers appropriate use naturally-stricken areas. Make sure that both natural and beautiful makeup in hot weather, heavy foundations, concealers and powders stay away.

new shades of red polish lips, deep and vibrant. Choose a bright transparent red shades lighter. Live coral and hot pink colors go well kızılıyla the summer.

the heat to keep your hair away from your neck and fun

reveal the direction you want to collect from above and side ponytail scarf, hair band or ribbon catwalk models you can use to connect.


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Writings often The Style Glossy 's edition of Turkey is located.

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