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  • 23 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 09:42

Leukemia Men"Sperm Freezing"will Urea Method

Leukemia Men
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Embryology and Andrology Laboratories Superintendent Dr..

Adana news: Embryology and Andrology Laboratories Superintendent Dr.. Elif Ergin,"Sperm freezing"method and adolescent reproductive chances of male patients with leukemia guaranteed, he said.
Ergin said in a statement, leukemia, lymphoma, such as adolescence cancers, 80 percent of the treated can but used in the treatment of heavy drugs, in particular adolescent male patients of reproductive health could adversely affect said.
such as leukemia of childhood cancer during treatment used heavy drugs, sperm production in men providing cells by damaging sperm production, completely ending could highlight Ergin,"This at a young age develop cancer of men in the future to have children the chance disappearance means. Cancer treatment before the family of the forward-thinking, acting for boys if give, can sperm samples give for their future is vital. Families cancer when they heard a terrific Alarmed first children's survival instincts, with the next step without thinking to begin treatment. course this is a very important issue, but cancer as it used a black table is not. Many types of cancer can be treated or can be controlled. However, after treatment, unfortunately for male patients of infertility arise. therefore begin treatment before puberty have entered the boys' sperm sample taking froze can,"he said.
State, cancer certain diseases such as sperm freezing let underlines Ergin said:
"puberty male children of his sperm sample, with success can be rotated.-196 degrees Celsius in the years that can be stored sperm years later dissolved and 99 percent success can be used with. This so many years ago the treatment of cancer has seen a man, the father can be."
Ergin, physicians have a big responsibility, said:"Sperm freezing technique many families unaware of none. So far sperm freeze that adolescents count on one hand does not. therefore diagnosis before forwarding the physician who treated the freezing process orientation and the family was supposed to warn about it. Families also obviously very important to be conscious of,"he said.

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