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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:19

Liberation from enemy occupation Çorlu Celebrated at Ceremony

Liberation from enemy occupation Çorlu Celebrated at Ceremony
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Of liberation from enemy occupation Çorlu district of Tekirdağ 92 year anniversary was celebrated with ceremonies and activities.

Tekirdağ news: Photo Independence Day Celebration Program began with a wreath laying ceremony at the Ataturk Square. Çorlu Mayor wreath , Fatih Mayor of the position in respect by Ünal Baysan and was presented to the national anthem upon a reading of Ataturk Monument . The ongoing celebration program
Republic Square , Fatih Mayor Unal Baysan the meaning of the day and began with a speech on the importance . Çorlu Mayor Unal B, if you're already in his speech , noting again that they are happy and proud on November 1 in the morning , \"Happily us , be erased from history by the imperialist powers desired freedom lovers patriotic sons of a nation by drenching every inch of the holy blood ; they take back from the enemy by sacrificing their lives in this sacred in the land today, happier than yesterday , we live in a proud and dignified manner . Çorlumuz three continents spanning one of the first cities of the Ottoman Empire in Rumelia conquer . 1. world enters the extinction process after the war the Ottoman Empire's weakest time , citizens in many corners be the occupation suffered as Çorlu, the War of Independence was recovered from the invasion of the enemy army's victory in . İnönü Battles , Sakarya War and the Great Offensive in winning major victories in the Great Leader Atatürk and his colleagues , Lausanne has taken our Treaty watt hordes of enemies with the signing and revolution , which has a great importance for our country has implemented , \"he said . Photo of battlefields victory , attention captured by military forces and tactics President Baysan , \"is to ensure that the permanent victory, requires a much larger struggle. This is the knowledge and wisdom struggle. Constitute the basic building blocks to ensure the survival of the Republic of Turkey Ataturk's principles and revolutions , we need to give a great fight against backwardness and ignorance. The future of our country, our young and our children are left by the Great Leader. Our children will carry the eye to the future of our country is our baby. If their training and education should be our foremost duty . Pass this way but it is possible to capture the level of contemporary civilization . Union Policy on Education should not be damaged. The drug should be noted that ignorance of education and training , and the darkness is light. The goal of Atatürk's youth should be wrapped in scientific thinking to reach the goal of contemporary civilization . The aim of this by living constantly in history to say the words are not always keep the painful memories of the past alive. Quite the contrary ;'Do not know their history, not even in the future'is to learn about our history by the word and take lessons from him . We live on geography, is one of the world's most sensitive areas . The cost of living in this region are also heavy . In the past this cost is paid very heavily . But the western , eastern eye on these sacred lands, with those who are given up from the target and exhausting activities. I want to remind you of the Supreme Atatürk's words on August 5, 1929 in Eskişehir.'Studies toil for disturbing the social order of the Turkish nation is doomed to drown. Turkish nation itself , and who want to work against the best interests of domestic mischief , miserable, stateless and millets mindless individuals, confidential and will mention dirty ambitions and is not a delegation will on them aptly . \"Turkey Atatürk targeting since 1929 as such, both internally and in external we continue to fight against the enemy , \"said the statement. Photo Corlu Governor Levent Kilic, 5th Corps and Garrison Commander Lieutenant General Tahir Bekiroglu, Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Albayrak, District Police Commander, Jan. Captain Serkan Gürzsoy , District Education Director Mustafa strong , Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, department heads and managers, Chamber of Commerce President Enis pheasant, deputy mayors , councilors , public institutions and political parties'representatives, veterans and the celebration program organized with the participation of citizens , Tekirdag Governor Ali Yerlikaya, CHP Deputy Chairman and Deputy Öztrak'ın Faik Tekirdag , Tekirdag Deputy Emre continued by reading the Crossroad's message. Hanifa Shafiq Primary ceremony students read by liberation-themed poems , Fatih Municipality Folk Dance ended with the folk dance show performed by the crew. Photo Celebration program participants after the end Corlu City Council Meeting with the Hall of Independence Day occasion Corlu Mayor cocktail party was given by Ünal Baysan .


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