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  • 22 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 12:40

Licence Commission Completes Training, Documentation Receives

Licence Commission Completes Training, Documentation Receives
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Driving test driving test with the new era were educated in commissions.

İzmir news:  Driving test driving test with the new era were educated in commissions. With regard to the education given in the PECs of Trainers Göllücelioğl Rose, gave a variety of information.
on the issue, providing information Roses Göllücelioğl,"the driver's license exam serving in the commission previously 30 hours of training and they end of this training with the documents obtained his driving test in the task they were doing. Regulation with changes made all the commissions 120 hours MTSK Exam Officer training were obliged to. This training PECs Directorates are being conducted, five modules occurs. Business Life Communication, Educational Measurement and Assessment, Traffic Rules, Traffic Education and Psychology, Safe Vehicle Use modules academics and experts in teacher education from the exams commission candidates pass all the courses if they are documents can receive,"he said.
Steering exams chairman of the commission on the front of the living with the risk of accidents increases, Gul said Göllücelioğl this issue particularly safe use in the course practice exam also and they do not get the document stated that fails. May 29, 2013 dated According to the regulations steering application exam takes 30 minutes stating Göllücelioğl, the"time increases, risk increases. Driving courses are now very good education to give. These trainings traffic flowing at least 12 courses on board such an education 1 hours 50 minutes to be given have to. Examination Commission at the slightest fault driver candidates from the vehicle by downloading fail to be counted,"he is now in Turkey of old taboos were destroyed a new era is coming, this time per operation in the troubled would be, but once seated said.
with this system is no longer good education that and that not of course, and that is not good steering that course instructors reminding separated Göllücelioğl, competition is not lowering prices now voiced by training would occur. Steering examination commission given to education is important, but the front row chair of the commission of the necessary skills besides having reflexes not good and a good observer should be noted that Göllücelioğl"Turkey around the examinations, unfortunately, property damage or even injury accidents occur. Task makes to committees falls very big business in the exam. Exams have to be concentrated, on-site interventions have to minimize these risks,"he said.

Licence Commission Completes Training, Documentation Receives" comments for.


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