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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 12:34

Lid Latch Mayor in August from Operating Balance

Lid Latch Mayor in August from Operating Balance
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Irfan Tekirdag connected to the lid latch Mayor , through the Directorate of Scientific Affairs in August and gave information about their work .

Tekirdağ news: Irfan Tekirdag connected to the lid latch Mayor , through the Directorate of Scientific Affairs in August and gave information about their work . Mayor
Lid Latch Irfan , Science Directorate, spoke about the activities of August . Science Directorate, in August Bahçeağıl and PINARCI neighborhood located in gravel road continued to work stated that the Mayor Irfan Lever, \"This is a monthly process by our team performed Yanıkağıl Health handicapped ramp construction work continues. Moreover Yanıkağıl water wells and booster reconstruction of was also performed. Uzunhac District Headman of the building , however, painting and electrical repair work carried out by the crews , \"he said .
Profitable Quarter Autonomy building paint, whitewash and electrical installations, repairs the Directorate of Science Affairs made ​​by the team said that President Irfan Lever, \"In August Uzunhac located in the neighborhood citizens with disabilities County District commissioned by the container house installation crews were carried out by . Additionally Uzunhac Quarter located at the entrance to the damaged asphalt roads were repaired . Uzunhac and snowy roads in the neighborhoods field was corrected by the grader \"he said .
Lid Council of Scientific Affairs Directorate , Profitable Quarter in the school yard in an unusable state the old toilets demolished the President noted that the latch , Bahçeağıl , Yanıkağıl , Uzunhac , Snowy , PINARCI and elm in the cemetery areas and parking areas , roundabouts and medians in the voiced cut the grass .
in August, Kazakh lake fountain and lighting poles maintenance that has been done saying the latch , \"Our Town Vatan Street in the existing pavement and the Ataturk located in the neighborhood parents towing park with waterfalls pool renovation works crews were carried out by . Besides, our district various streets and roads with a total of one thousand 340 meters pvc clean water line was laid . sewer line construction to be used in the decor cobblestone, prism stone and garden curbs were purchased . Ataturk neighborhood streets and alleys to the thousand in total 67 meters of sewer mains line was laid , \"he said .
Vatan Caddesi , PINARCI and K3 water wells faults in August resolved that the President Irfan Lever, description , concluded:\"59 TE 702 plate 2011 model Ford Connect brand truck repair was done . Bomag rollers 250 hour maintenance and fault repair was performed . our district the old municipal building behind the square, which will be held circumcision ceremony of the lighting, cable outbreak and repair Uzunhac and Profitable Neighborhoods ward buildings electrical fault to be used in electrical material has been received and instead mounting was . Cukurova bucket repair and maintenance was performed . gravel road material procurements of the contract was made , the material reception began. asphalt road construction work under the Stars , Aynur, Istiklal Caddesi Fatih and Nasreddin Hodja and the street due to road construction was carried out in the streets .

Lid Latch Mayor in August from Operating Balance" comments for.


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