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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:01

Lid Latch Mayor:\"Rural Access Roads have been asphalting \"

Lid Latch Mayor:\
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Tekirdag Mayor Irfan connected Lid Latch , giving information about the work of the Directorate of Science Affairs , said that the village access roads paved in October .

Tekirdağ news:
Lid Mayor Irfan Lever, the assessment found on the October activities of the Directorate of Science Affairs . District Ataturk depending on the county in October Coal from the beginning of the creek on the street 103 meters of concrete creek stated that reclamation made ​​Mayor Irfan Lever, \"Our Town Erbaylar Street thousand 494 square meters of paving stones , a thousand 600 meters curb laying work has been done . Our district Icerenköy Ilkay street , Oleander street , Violet street , selection street , Tamer street and Martyr Soner Özüpek street with Bahçelievler District Seven street , Şahintepe street , bold street , Başyiğit street thousand 330 meters in total to clean drinking water pipe laying work has been done , \"he said .
İnönü neighborhood within a one month period , Bahçelievler Quarter and Atatürk neighborhood of several 696 meters in total in the streets and alleys of 200 stormwater and sewer line network construction is done lyrics Add to President Lever, \"in October, our district Inonu Quarter began reinforced the retaining wall construction work on the honor Street . Pavement maintenance and repair personnel tender for operation of business'would be received. Manufacturers by our team Elementary School was the repair of the roof. In addition, our county was concrete road in front of the new industrial shops and storm grates were, \"he said .
October in Lid Mayor Irfan Latch stated that the Middle School's garden landscaping work that performed and curb laying , \"Faruk Ilgaz Street stormwater grids were made. Roof repairs were made to guard shack at the cemetery . Paint the newly established offices in the town hall was whitewash job . Garden, car parking space in the municipal building was painted . Icerenköy material was thrown into the unpaved portion of the street is the same . Basil mechanical material was thrown into the street. Fountain in front of the old cemetery located on Boulevard sidewalk work was done . However Bahçelievler Quarter Ahmet Yesevi Street road repairs were performed. Bahçeağıl Quarter connection path 20 trucks asphalt patch work done. PINARCI the-flap, Pnarç to-Saray link road asphalt repair work was done . Uzunhac the neighborhood of the waiting station 1 is mounted . Elm Neighborhood way of various streets and avenues were made repairs . Gravel road work was carried out at various points in Bahçeağıl Quarter. Elm by Tekirdag Municipality-Covered way has been paved . Asphalt road construction has been completed. Within the scope of work was carried out 75 kilometers of asphalt road construction , \"he said .


Lid Latch Mayor:\"Rural Access Roads have been asphalting \"" comments for.


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