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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:21

Life returned to normal in Cizre

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In the town of Cizre , Damascus, the Islamic State of Iraq ( ISID ) as an excuse to attack the terrorist organization of actions performed Kobani'nin then began to return to normal life in the district .

Şırnak news:
shutters a week since is closed in Cizre shopkeepers shutters open at the beginning , municipal teams on the road cleaning work began .
Events district in all of the street and on the streets , refuse container, construction materials and tires, fire and barricades activist groups who had closed all roads to traffic . International road traffic and road closure along with hospital life in the district had stopped . Kopani action across the county began a week ago, all the shutters closed in the oven and outside pharmacies , while activist groups have experienced violent clashes between the security forces . MOBESS demonstrators in the incidents and businesses belonging to several security cameras had been decimated unuseable . One car, two schools , a student dormitory , a shopping center, the demonstrators set fire many small business , a large number of Nusaybin located on the street lighting poles used as barricades were also decimated . One of the events that nearly 30 people were injured , including journalists .
Kopani since it took a week of action and life is almost paralyzed today in Cizre shopkeepers began to open the shutters . Cizre district municipality in the whole street cleaning unit teams and business machines to remove barricades in the streets , the roads started to work cleaning . Places of work together with open shutters a week since the citizens trapped in their homes did go out shopping .

Life returned to normal in Cizre" comments for.


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