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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:40

Life Under the Sea Battle

Life Under the Sea Battle
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Zonguldak , hundreds of meters below sea crabs trying to eat jellyfish were saved by underwater cameras .

Zonguldak news: BEA Faculty of Arts Dean Kemal Büyükgüzel the nature that took place in a great competition strong because of the weak , eliminating the survival tried to told.
AFAD Zonguldak Province under the Directorate underwater diver teams, underwater cameras reflected in the battle for survival interest. Several minutes in the images recorded who are now struggling with jellyfish him trying to eat crabs took place.
Bulent Ecevit University Science Faculty Dean Prof. Kemal Büyükgüzel also talked about the life of crabs and jellyfish . Other than plants of other living things to survive, other creatures have to hunt is reminiscent Büyükgüzel , \"These two live bands , invertebrates group. Cancer arthropods in the ten-legged animal organism . Both terrestrial and water-living habits have not jellyfish , again invertebrates of habitats general aquatic environments. freshwater and seawater live. this image when we look at two aspects can evaluate . Firstly the food chain in terms of could imagine. Secondly, in the living world of self-defense mechanisms in terms of methods they have developed in this image, we can evaluate . Whole eco-systems of aquatic ecosystems and terrestrial ecosystems , such as the food chain is available. Hence their products that can form other than plants other animals to survive, other creatures to eat and have to hunt them , \"he said .
\" JELLIES crabs food source BETWEEN \"
Cancer usually worms and stated that fished with some herbaceous plants Kemal Büyükgüzel , jellyfish, crabs trying to hunt an indication that there is a great competition in nature , he noted. Cancer generally worms, some herbaceous plants , molluscs and small fish fed animal invertebrates, an important group stated that the Büyükgüzel , said:\"The sea hosts mostly small fish smaller marine or freshwater organisms fed on invertebrates are animals . This video we saw in the hunt hunters approach in terms of when we think of crabs in the environment they face jellyfish their claws catch up with the hunting they work is clearly visible . But the natural food chain, in fact, jellyfish, crabs normal food sources are not available. But here , of course, in nature, a great competition to be strong for the weak by sieving to survive the first encounter at the strong against the weak will develop a defense mechanism . \"

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