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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:56

Life with Meaning Wins Again

Life with Meaning Wins Again
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Head to Head interviews with young people in the program Gündüzalp speaking authors , \"to make sense of our lives in a way only possible through again .

Sakarya news: The heart of the operation , hold the sun to rise up our lives , in the repeat makes sense , \"he said .
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs Department with Young Head to Head interview program 46.'s osm were included. Cultural art lovers showed great interest in the program Selim Gündüzalp speaking authors , \"The sun rises every morning , brought together with the emergence of the blessings we realize too . Many people have to do the blessing closely . Air blessing it is repeated continuously , the basic dynamics of our lives with this stone is set in motion . To make sense of our lives in a way only possible through again . Keep your heart from working until the sun shines again in our lives meaning , \"he said.
Sense of human needs on the description contained in the Gündüzalp ,\"We need a lot of things in the world . The heart wants love , ears want to hear . People incapable of doing all of them and their poor . What a man can remove the sun , nor air can be put in front of her mouth blessing . They are all hand away immediately . As if you wanted to run our hearts the blessings of God for the sustenance to feed us was put in front of our door . But God puts people at the center of life , the sustenance of life put into the center . Fortunately of center O in there . It's thanksgiving prayer in there too . Prayer is not just worship , that the whole universe is the bill , \"he said .


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