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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:08

Lifetime Sentence for Murder Suspect Request

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Adana shotgun of ignition as a result of the reasons is grounds 6 years imprisonment by the death of a young 8. First Instance Criminal Court remand the suspect file,'intentional killing'lifetime of the crime and sent to the High Criminal Court at the request of imprisonment.

Adana news: Photo The incident occurred in the Vefa neighborhood Seyhan district Fevzipaşa Street on July 1 . Car renting Mehmet K. (37) , by taking the four friends went to Mersin . Swimmers with 5 friends in Mersin , Adana later came to eat at a turnspit . Mehmet K. friends who ride a rental car , while he wanted to show his own shotgun allegedly took gun fire . Nonsense out of the rifle Başıböyük seriously injured Mohammad (18), died in hospital . Mehmet K. is arrested. Photo'negligent to cause death'offense up to 6 years on trial for imprisonment suspect Mehmet K. , Adana 8 said that the first instance of the event the hearing at the Criminal Court of the accident. Mehmet K. , \"I told my friends that I have guns while we sit in a turnspit . My friends asked us to shoot around Lake Seyhan Dam took the rifle. I have come to take the rifle to go home on it . Called Ö with in Muhammad Başıböyük we get to the car they want to look my friend rifle. I was checking the safety took off from the gun in the box. I was pulled back by pointing his hand to look at Ö rifle. Meanwhile rifle caught fire. the remains of Muhammad wounded ambulance late so we went to a private medical center in our own car. I ran into a car karpuzcu for fear of the event , then I surrendered to call the police. I regret it , \"he said .
deceased's father, Mulla Muhammad Başıböyük Başıböyük (58) before the MK is saving the fight with the person, \"someone I know after this event stabbed me . that makes the knife incident, MK and I'm guessing that his father held by men. My son is 18 years old, it is not possible to make friends with the guy 37 years old . I am because of my well these people my earlier discussion agreed being held , and I think my son they killed deliberately , \"he said . the prosecutor presented his submissions on Photo Essentially, by firing the accused deliberately stating accused of causing death asked to be tried in a higher court for the crime . Court judge who decided the lack of jurisdiction , the defendant's continued detention decided by the state of'intentional killing'ruled life imprisonment on charges of Criminal Court at the trial of the Sentinel . Mehmet K. defendant , if adopted will stand trial in the Assize Court's file . Otherwise the court file'task mismatch'due to be sent to the Supreme Court.

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