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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:39

Lift of 84 Percent Not Secure

Lift of 84 Percent Not Secure
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Of lifts used in Malatya, 84 percent were reported to be safe .

Malatya news: Photo Science, Industry and Technology Provincial Director Akif Gulac , \"Control the 2 thousand 477 lifts thousand 844 pieces of the red label affixed \", saying, \"Today, rapid urbanization and consequently with the evolving vertical construction elevators are now become an indispensable part of our lives. lifts manufacturing from the project stage , vertical transport are tools that must be kept under control to periodically check the phase of the installation. Therefore, human health, life and property is of paramount importance in terms of safety. especially lately the news accidents caused by lift in the visual and written media we read and hear often. most of the elevator accident resulting , unfortunately injuries and deaths. from building Inspection firm to prevent the implementation of possible victimization Elevator Installation firm , Licenses authority from the Maintenance firm , the type is required to act in accordance with the legislation of all parties to the building manager of the inspection body . our city used about 2 thousand 835 lifts in general . 12 from our city and county municipalities Yeşilyurt Municipality has done just Battalgazi Periodic Inspection agreement with Type A inspection body . Inspection bodies that are controlled by elevator from 2 thousand 477 thousand 844 pieces of red , while the 250 and 383 yellow green label is affixed . Percent of elevators in use is understood as not being safe 84, great job to all parties in this regard , especially our municipality are reduced. The most basic criterion can work reliable and safe of the elevator is to give the right care , \"he said. The built to authorized persons of the monthly maintenance of Photo elevator was Gulac pointed out that a legal obligation , \"is responsible for building managers , if not carried by the authorized persons of the elevator maintenance. However, in the directorate audits , were found to be aware of this responsibility most of the building administrator. Building managers, users'life and property safety of the need to use error with the aim of ensuring the full , both are responsible for book at least once on Type A Inspection Body to annual periodic control of the elevators per year to prevent the dangers that may arise from external intervention. Yaptırılıp made ​​about whether the municipality is responsible for the audit of the annual control . Control the operation of the lift in the annual result is a danger to life and property safety in terms of the operation of the elevator unless the building commissioner of safety of life and property is not allowed until the achivement . Affixed to the elevator control results in \"Red Label \"refers to the need for disabling the service elevator . Building maintenance contract with the managements must TSE Service Qualification Certificate , signed a notarized contract with a company or assemblers and installers must be made by a company authorized service company, the winning feature . In order to prevent unfair competition in the sector and prevent possible accidents and must be studied with an authorized and expert firms, \"he said.

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