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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:19

Light, Central District Chairman of AK Party Candidate

Light, Central District Chairman of AK Party Candidate
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Which will be held in the coming days the Central District Chairman of AK Party Av.

Adıyaman news: Ahmet Light, has announced his candidacy .
Began to explain the names of candidates for the then current President Abdurrahman Dimez Central District President of the statement would not be a candidate in the convention to be held on 22 November. Felicity Party City Promotion in previous years, President and Hasan Party City Promotion Presidency makes the task Ahmet Light, now was nominated for the AK Party Central District President . Photo Ahmet Light, which will be held by announcing his candidacy for the Central District Congress , \"New Turkey's construction candidate a brick in to put me. as known in the public , our congressional our Adiyaman district and continues enthusiasm . our delegates list for our Centers congressional districts has been completed. has declared he would not run our current district president. Therefore, many of our number of active party members , delegates and our many of our party Liked our working in stages friend was nominated for the request and the Central District President upon request . the feelings and our thoughts AK Party provincial coordinator of our Adana deputy Mr. Provincial President , especially Fatos Gurkan, Central District President , Women's Wing President , Youth Wing President , we share with our MPs . our aim in unity and solidarity offers a contribution to the construction of the new Turkey. This contribution not only to the presidency , to take part in all the different levels of our AK Party we believe could happen , \"he said .

Light, Central District Chairman of AK Party Candidate" comments for.


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