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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Eylül 2014, Cuma 09:34

Lights are Going to Africa

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From Turkey with the support of philanthropists founded in Niamey , the capital of Niger eye care center in six thousand people every year will have the ability to see again .

From Turkey with the support of philanthropists founded in Niamey , the capital of Niger eye care center in six thousand people every year will have the ability to see again . On the African continent dust, ultraviolet rays and vitamin deficiency due to a cataract patient at a much higher rate than the world average of 130 thousand people to the rescue of the Niger Turkey grows.
Human Relief Foundation (IHH ) , the Turkish channel 800 thousand pounds of charitable expenditure made ​​by the Eye Health Center was established in Niamey , Turkey from doctors , journalists , activists, and opened with a ceremony attended by the protocol . IHH Executive Board Member and President of the Association of International Physicians , Dr. Eid Al Yurtseven, cataract disease in Africa only a health problem , not blind overlooking the relatives also connects social wound pointed out that , \"Niger's 13 million people and 1 percent , ie 130 thousand people, unfortunately, cataracts due to not see . This number in most of the severe vision loss are available. Centre who applied to elderly patients unaided doing business capability unfortunately not . these patients from Turkey, our voluntary doctors one month working again with the vision to provide a great service as are met. Moreover the Ministry of Health ophthalmologist our Niger'also who want to work here, to serve the facility offers. private hospitals functioning in the annual leave in the Niger come to the hundreds who operated diligent physicians, who are also available. Niamey in the eye care center project TICA every year four thousand patients all material costs is undertaken. from Turkey Abdi Mohammed established with charitable contributions in the outpatient clinic at the University cataract surgery are doing without any charge . In June, we held the official opening of the active center . IHH cataract surgery in Africa with the goal of making 100 thousand people, 80 thousand in the passed . The new center also six thousand years, performing surgery again to see our Muslim brothers in Africa will provide. Family of aid without the need for businesses to see opportunities we are preparing , \"he said .
The ceremony AK Party Deputy Kütahya Prof. Dr. Vural Kavuncu Turkey's world, which in whatever Muslim brothers and sisters to lend a helping hand continued , stating that \"Niger great health projects are done. This country is the speed of the emergency services , rescue organizations have helped to set up . Incurable year in Niger with a protocol of 50 patients to be treated in Turkey have signed protocol . Now, six thousand people per year will gain the ability to see our eye center is ready to serve . Soon, the first time a foreign hospital in Niger as a fistula hospital to be established in Turkey to begin work . All of these services come from Turkey is the philanthropic and government grants . Also in Niger Health Week with an event in the form of volunteer Turkish doctors here for a week to allow them to examine patients are working within an organization , \"he said .
in Kocaeli, a private hospital ophthalmologist working as Levent Tahsin Özek If Niamey eye in the center, serving first doctor was from . Özek , summer holidays in the August heat to 50 degrees
so that and the humidity is high Niamey approximately 100 patients operated spent his . Özek the visual capabilities largely lost and their families with the help of the operating table lying people's eyes, re-light folded . relatives of holding their hands brought the old Nijerli of postoperative great joy foot theater sells , but Grass roots that could be described a feeling that expresses Özek the colleagues Niger seeing invited . Africa's living conditions to understand for 15 days , albeit in Niamey doctor friends who invited Özek the patient from the very large prayer receiving makes him happy , he said. < br/>

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