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  • 16 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 10:38

Like a movie camera bank robbery

Like a movie camera bank robbery
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Esenyurt, an armed robbery occurred in a bank branch last week, two of the perpetrators were caught.

Movie scenes that rivals the

robbery, security cameras were reflected in one second. Another one of the robbers in the event of a bank robbery was taken into custody, released by the court learned.

Hadımköy on the way to the incident that occurred on October 8, a bank branch, the second person with a gun defused employees. The robbers, taking his gun at the security guard came to the cashier. Rely heavily on official robbers gun to his head teller, cashier wanted to give them money. Behind the window about 7 thousand 500 pounds in the bank branch Taking a car quickly headed for the second robber. Meanwhile, at the side of the building security guards fired in the air to stop the robbers. Robbers, who take the security guard where the weapon involved in the incident fled the scene car with two other people walked away.

Amirliği'nce Office initiated studies extortion, robbery moment reflected in security cameras revealed one second. Images, two armed men hat, guns pointed at the bank by entering the insiders. Deposited at the bank where one of the robbers who had brought along the bag bench throws. Bank money bag filling drawer female officer. Taking money out of the bank robbers, then quickly put the bag away.

detained and released ANOTHER bank robbery

viewing security cameras on the street at the bank and the police, the robbers fled the vehicle's license plate set. S. Kenan found traces of individuals. O and Orhan. View suspects were taken into custody.

interrogated suspects, tea house, Kenan S. Branch of Public Security. 'Occurred in the past, and about 1 million pounds in April Esenyurt stolen money had been detained on the case of another bank robbery was detected. Kenan Sh. 'S learned about this incident were released by the court.

the police, the suspects were referred to court have been completed. Authorities identified with the run continuing investigation into the incident continue operations for the arrest of the two men, he said.

Like a movie camera bank robbery" comments for.


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