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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Haziran 2013, Çarşamba 11:06

Lionel Messi will go to jail

Lionel Messi will go to jail
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Prosecuted on charges of tax evasion famous footballer Lionel Messi will go to jail.

Spain 1 Football League (La Liga) teams in the income statements to emerge from Barcelona's world-famous footballer Lionel Messi after the opening of proceedings on the grounds of irregularities in his curiosity was the subject of the future of the Argentine player.

assessments in the Spanish press, according to the Ministry of Finance between 2007 and 2009 income tax reporting and image rights of the irregularities in statements to emerge from its revenues Messi found guilty and convicted of the alleged tax evasion according to the law, even if the existing jail will not take .

in Spain, according to a new penal code came into force this year, about 10 million euros Ajantinli star sentenced at worst, and 3 to 6 months will be sentenced to prison. Even in this case enter into the prison because of Messi's previous record was clean record.

Professor at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Gay de Liebanais, Messi arbitrators will not even need to deal with the case in fiscal emphasizes the Argentine star residence is in Spain, and that it would be a problem.

"Ronaldo, he gets nothing happens"

Liebanais,'' though a similar issue, Cristiano Ronaldo, foreign players would not do anything to him for residence in Spain. If Messi residence Gava'da (Barcelona), so all taxes (56 percent of revenue) in Spain, you have to pay,'' he expressed his views.

"Forbes"magazine, showing the world's richest athlete in Argentina in the 10th star football player in a year, Barcelona 15 and 16 million euros in advertising revenue gaining. Sticky Thread agreement with world-famous brands can damage the image of the event that criminal tax evasion Messi said.

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