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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:47

Listening Problems of Corporate Solutions They called Amir Mukhtar

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BITLIS (UAV) Self Governor of Bitlis Adilcevaz Uzbek Public Education Center organized by the"headman asks, authorities Cevaplıyor"from the problems of the village in detail at the meeting were tabled and solutions were sought.

BITLIS (UAV) Bitlis Adilcevaz Governor Ozer Uzbek Public Education Center organized by the"headman asks, authorities Cevaplıyor"'s meeting of the villages problems in detail were discussed and solutions were sought.
Adilcevaz Discussion of the meeting organized Adilcevaz Governor Ozer Uzbek, Gendarmerie Commander Massoud Başyurt, County Safety Manager Gökhan Slow, High School Director Murat Celik, Director of Education vice Victims of Özdaş, District Chief Editor Selami Agile, Special Administrative Director Süleyman Zore the Provincial Assembly Members Khalil Exhibitors and Necmettin Arıkbaşl, the SSYD president of the Foundation Shakir Sözer, County Mufti Said of the string, Oncology Hospital Chief Lutfi Ozmen, Tedaş Chief Hasan-keeper, Demographic Manager, Commodity Manager Deputy Zeydin Karaaslan, Land Manager Mirza Bozasl, the Halkeğit General Manager Murat Çelik, District Director of Agriculture selami war, Telecom Manager Hayrettin Karakış, Post Office Manager Clear injured Library Director Joins Turgut Küs and Village Headman. Mayor Adnan Adilcevaz Göksoy could not attend the meeting because it is in Ankara.
Adilcevaz Uzbek Ozer In his opening speech the Governor; Today we listened to the problems of our public institutions Mukhtar as chiefs gathered to find solutions. We most needed to solve the problems of our village is the duty of the authorities. We are here to serve the citizens of this ring that salary to all employees, including corporate chiefs in alıyoruz.baş telling no reason to reject any citizen in this regard I would like you to know that I am very sensitive. Of course, the savvy citizens will be, said there is no problems will not be solved in mutual understanding.
Program Institution Amir Mukhtar said the problems in the village. Most Problems Millieğiti my school walls, Health in the villages of health homes and nurses lack Tedaş Electricity outages and transformer failure, water tanks failure, some village roads with asphalt is that incomplete as was observed.
Agency chiefs individually asked questions and answers gave and Solutions for expressed concern that the lack of enough budget. In the villages, all the problems with the local authorities on a petition by pouring Competent Authority and District Governor verildi.adilcevaz governor Self Uzbek especially for training with the authorities, private negotiations by 2014 planning for training a large budget to allocate said they wanted.
Adilcevaz Governor by the Adilcevaz District Commander Massoud Başyurt and Foundations Manager Certificate of Appreciation was given to Sözeri Shakir.

Listening Problems of Corporate Solutions They called Amir Mukhtar" comments for.


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