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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 16:27

Little Ayman Silivrili the money was mobilized for the operation

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Congenital heart and kidney disease for the 18-month stay Silivrili Ayman Ali was mobilized .

İstanbul news: Surgery to be 350 thousand TL in need of tiny Ayman help campaign was launched .
Congenital heart and renal disease who was born as an 18-month Ayman Ali Kala , yet two months old, Angioma , 3 months old, also had heart surgery was . Should be operated within 3 months for Ayman tiny , Silivri people were mobilized . At a tea garden in Silivri citizen volunteers collected within 3 months of surgery needed to be done 350 thousand TL Ayman launched a campaign to collect aid . Ayman's health status closely following helpful and the necessary money to complete concerts, fairs and many ways to try rolled up its sleeves .
Little Ayman's heart every minute worsen indicating that the mother Tuba Lighter Stay, \"My canýmýn can the baby to the world of heart and kidney disease came as a . Ayman two months Angioma and 3rd in total repair was . immediately after complications have started growing very fast , and hearts that rapid changes do not fit . now 18 months old and his heart unfortunately every minute is getting worse . Moreover, the time available problem in the rapidly increasing pressure due to valve pushes each pump blood when hurt them , and this return is very difficult road drags us , \"he said .
\"CONCERT KERMES to raise money to'll \"to raise the money needed
noted that the mobilization of Silivri mother Kala ,\"we expect the bill will be sent to the hospital but need a budget of between approximately 350-500 thousand . Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Presidency of the Provincial Association to collect donations up to £ 500 thousand were legal permissions . Social media support and in Silivri, the beautiful buddies are going to do concerts, fairs and other events with our Allah's leave, will succeed , \"he said .
Little Ayman help seeking philanthropic citizens , this account information and assistance can deliver .
Business Bank Branch=Silivri/Istanbul
Account:Tuba Lighter Kala , Kala Bulent , Omar behalf Lighter ,
Account Number IBAN number=0831270=1260-TR 84 0006 4000 0011 2600 8312 70 .

Little Ayman Silivrili the money was mobilized for the operation" comments for.


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