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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 17:54

Little Gemini is notable for Basketball Players

Little Gemini is notable for Basketball Players
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In the district of Kırklareli Lüleburgaz attend summer school basketball Kentsp opened by the brothers John and Peace Kızıltan demeanor and attracts attention with games .

Kırklareli news: Kırklareli Lüleburgaz district Kentsp opened by basketball attend summer school Burak and Peace Kızıltan brothers, attitudes and games of the attention is attracting .
Luleburgaz Kentsp Basketball Club opened attend summer school twin brothers, basketball, loved ones, basketball schools go to stated that they crave for . In the future you want to be a professional basketball player voicing twins, has already started a new sport . Peace brothers John and mother Betty
Kızıltan said that the children spend the summer holidays in sport and sport for a healthy and active individuals to be sent to school , he said. Kızıltan , \"School closures after the kids'holidays in the best way assessments wanted . Classroom teachers via the sport of basketball to school to print decided . Basketboll new acquaintance , despite the sport they loved it too . Fitness them healthy and enterprising individuals to be themselves, to develop will help you ,\"he said .

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