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  • 13 Aralık 2013, Cuma 14:50

Little Jamal's life connected to electricity

Little Jamal's life connected to electricity
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Paralyzed due to muscle disease who were dependent on the machine 1.5 year old Jamal Altan, lost their lives in case of a power failure, said.

Siirt news: Paralyzed due to muscle disease who were dependent on the machine 1.5 year old Jamal Altan, lost their lives in case of a power failure, said.
with the Saints living in Siirt child of a pair of Leyla Cemal Altan Altan, approximately 1 year depending on the machine experiencing muscle disease. Play in the neighborhood families living in very poor conditions, children's health issues due to the cooperative moved to the ground floor of an apartment building in the neighborhood. The biggest fear of the one-eyed family living in the house, which is connected to the children in the event of a power failure the machine that will work. Power cut for fear it would not sleep at night, indicating his mother Leyla Altan,"My child is 6 months, while muscle wasting disease began. 1 year, 3 different depending on the device lives. I also heart valves my rot there, soon in Ankara surgery'm supposed to be. Tangible our situation worse When surgery can not. Medicines'm expensive because you also can not. Son muscle disease, depending on machine lives. electricity is cut, the machine will not work at night that my eyes can not sleep. Officials expect the support,"he said.
ALT FAMILY Caretaking makes a living BY
Neighborhood residents Nuri milkman, family support, health issues noted that the extent possible. Milkman,"the family living on site for a place to stay we gave. Householder St. Altan, children look to be in the apartment business have given. Pharmaceuticals for the supply of sites as residents in their midst to help make've tried. Most recent Diyarbakir to check into the road for money apartment dwellers as We collected. us at our opportunities require it. family's greatest fear, power outages are experienced with the result that the device unable to work is. Officials to assist the family want them to be,"he said.
"SİİRT the frequent power ING"
vision problems in children, indicating that the other fathers of St. Altan, is very anxious for their children, he said. Altan,"I'm curious. Electricity was cut, my son was okay to think, I can not. 'Cause I know, the power in Siirt off frequently. Electricity has been cut devices will not work to have that spot. Lifecycle device convicted child for our charitable support from expect"said.

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