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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:17

Little Mohammed's Brain Death Occurred

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Germany can not be transplanted to the heart transplant waiting that damage to the brain and brought to Turkey for 2-year-old Muhammad is the Dönmezer of brain death has occurred.

İstanbul news: The family donated the organs of little Muhammad . Photo taken to Germany from Turkey for a heart transplant 2-year-old Muhammad is the not start , could not be operated because the damage to the brain. Little Mohammed , the Ministry of Health on Monday of special ambulance plane was brought to Istanbul with a pacemaker . Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine announced that the place of Muhammad's brain death being treated at the hospital . Muhammad's organs were donated his last breath in Turkey . Photo Description engaged in Chief Prof. hospital Dr. Mehmet Akif Karan, \"Unfortunately, Muhammad Eren was brain-dead . Brain death of realization associated with certain tests , examinations are concerned . They were complete, reported the sad news that family. They transmit the family requests that a child's organ donor . Signed by that associated with the required paperwork . Of organ transplant There are solid and well implemented legislation in Turkey. It was reported legislation must Ministry of Health status as organ donors . the Ministry of Health was contacted by centers who need organs in Turkey. in continuing this process. in need of transmitters and as of this patient's organs you think would be appropriate centers will submit their requests to us via the Ministry of Health , \"he said . Photo by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akif Karan, which is also on the question that was donated organs , \"the kidneys , liver , intestines, according to the currently system fits . Because heart disease is not concerned about the heart. The cornea is likewise appropriate ,\"he said . Photo Currently Stressing that the process continues Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akif Karan, \"If information comes to us buyers in these times , made ​​the necessary procedures . Not a process that very space. Probably until tomorrow so we hope everything will be finalized ,\"he said .

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