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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:45

Lived in Yakacik Yenimahalleli Day

Lived in Yakacik Yenimahalleli Day
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Cankaya Municipality Yakacik Victims Cut and sales each year as part of this year's victims was started in the early hours of the morning .

Ankara news: As last year, this year
citizens and established breeders in the area of Yakacik made ​​for Eid prayers . Deputy Mayor of yenimahalle Erhan Aras and Awesome Honey came to the area in the early hours of the morning and watched the work site as well as the citizens were holy . 2 Cankaya Municipality was established in the area by a total of 10 slaughterhouses automatically citizens and their religious obligations in accordance with the sacrifice of comfort experienced in a short time cut . Sacrificial modern uniforms is issued by the competent butchers , was paying particular attention to the rules of hygiene . Yakacik Victims Cut and sales area were a number of measures in order to solve the traffic problem . Private vehicles were not allowed to enter the area , citizens, victims moved with field service tools . Which are slaughtered sacrificial again municipality by service vehicles from the area by subtracting the citizens were delivered .
Yakacik after the Aras and Honey , Botanica in the covered market place established in the victim cutting area , visiting the audits found both citizens and bayramlaştı . Şentepe and Demetevler indoor market places citizens chatted with honey and Aras, a possible setback to prevent municipal employees alert by making citizens all conveniences to provide instructions they gave.
Veterinary Affairs , Police , Sanitation , and Health Affairs Directorate of Parks and Gardens staff ready teams in the area , spent a busy working to prevent mishaps occurred . Police teams across the Cankaya streets, cut off the victim by preventing them ugly day for the audit did not happen . Cafeteria shower , electric-water connection to all the needs of the restaurant is considered Yakacik also called bobcat made ​​cleaning tools cleaning all day long . In addition to these health team also had to intervene immediately to minor injuries .
Cankaya Mayor Fethi Yasar , full of health and well being of the whole Muslim world and wish to have a feast . Feast of the goodness and beauty to the occasion stating that Yasar , \"Solidarity of the most beautiful examples of the Feast of Sacrifice in the experienced. Victims of worship fulfilling citizens, wife friendly note and needed help to the people who would have them, the table opens ,\"he said .
Sufferings of the forgotten, will , joy and solidarity peak Yasar language will be a feast in the Muslim world wished to stop the bloodshed .


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