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  • 12 Eylül 2014, Cuma 12:55

'Living Dead'they said , was clinging to life

'Living Dead'they said , was clinging to life
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Go in Istanbul, where doctors'You're dead'answer to the citizens , where one hopes in Elazığ hold his testicles were surgically again .

Elazığ news: Go in Istanbul, where doctors'You're dead'answer to the citizens , where one hopes in Elazığ hold his testicles were surgically again .
father of 3 children living in Istanbul , Mehmet January ( 55), heart disease appeared five years ago . Clogged arteries leading to the heart of who appeared to be 3 in January , many doctors in 10 different hospitals increasingly sought solutions . That go from doctors'You're dead'response field in January , was in despair . 5 years taken because of discomfort , sleeping problems living , walking difficulty and Shortness of breath in January , Elazig Firat University Hospital, doctors surgery could do upon hearing his life has changed.
Firat University Hospital Cardiology Research , Application Center Associate Director . Dr. Mustafa Necati Mountaineers reached the 55-year-old patient told health problems . The patients were then inviting them to Elazig Assoc. Dr. Dagli, January after making the necessary tests in an operation that lasted 2 hours, 100 percent were able to open clogged arteries 2 . 1 month after the other vessel , which opened in January , the first time two days in a row on top of sleep , he said .
\" You're dead SAID \"
lived in Istanbul for 20 years on January 3 , indicating the father Mehmet , five years ago, I was captured heart disease and heart failure appeared. Istanbul go in the hospital having noted that in January , \"The doctors told me'You're dead, \"he said. Elazig doctors in my wife heard . Hospital's phone reach Necati teacher talked to me, said he would call . 3 days later, he did come I'm your heart arteries open old said. , I hope I was not my teacher a real're telling me , I said, teacher , real I say I called you, he said. Worlds was mine . Geldim teacher talked to the second time, the Angioma is launched. veins opened my . now a single vessel stayed with him in the first months after the opener . 5 years for the first time 2 days I was able to sleep . until the morning I was saying to God just kill me . now I'm very well , traveling up and I'm not tired . granted me a second life , \"he said .
perform the operation Firat University Hospital Cardiology Research , Associate Director of the Centre . Dr. Mustafa Necati Mountaineers , the \"me from Istanbul, a patient called. Istanbul all the doctors gone , there physicians, interventional therapy can not do said . Patient had reached me after Elazig have invited . Our investigations 2 cores per cent of the face, one vessel per cent 99 is blocked've found . cardiac function evaluates when I was low we saw . treatment of heart failure after applying interventional treatment Catheter our laboratory have received . where all engorged after opening their patients certain it was a relief . a week we inpatients our home tomorrow will . reduce pain , walking distance has increased and is doing much better , \"he said .

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