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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:30

\"Lizard\"in Parliament

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CHP Istanbul deputy Ihsan Özkes , published in a television channel \"Lizards \"for the series called , \"Lizards sequence in which the role of the imam of the Prophet profession is deeply hurt our religious officials .

Ankara news: Reptilian creature with a'lizard'name'imam'role does not suit never . No person unseemly theft and corruption'imam'unacceptable processing to the role , \"he said . Photo Özkes , at a press conference in Parliament, in the month of Muharram in the year 500. Chaldiran , in the year 1375. the Karbala tragedy Alevi-Sunni emphasize the brotherhood want it , he said. Özkes , Middle East and peace of spite at the time of Anatolia want to be dragged into bloody sectarian violence and urged the public to the brotherhood of the plant. a case in mines in Photo Ermenek 18 workers reached not stressed Özkes , said:\"Zonguldak and Soma mine said the pit disaster'fate'and'exists in the disposition of this work'this time we have not heard such words . I think power, by the fate of workers in Turkey with workers in Europe finally realized that God is the same God. Insatiable power behind the death of workers in Turkey is a fact that is natural . \"Photo Prophet profession \"imam \"in the role of \"Lizard \"series Özkes pointed out that hurt their clergy , \"Creep , a creature'lizard'name'Imams'role never does not look good . No person unseemly theft and corruption'imam'unacceptable processing to the role , \"he said .
\" 10 NOVEMBER We OKUTAN mevlit FOR Atatürk \"Photo by CHP few years, 10 November and 18 March Çanakkale Martyrs great leader in Remembrance Day in mosques Ataturk , comrades in arms and Özkes reminding taught mevlid-i sharif for all martyrs, \"this year, after Monday, November 10 noon prayers Fatih district of Eminonu New Mosque great leader Ataturk , I read mevlit for our friends and saints and martyrs weapons , \"he said . Photo Özkes , Üsküdar and Beyoglu while the Mufti for Atatürk and his friends as mufti in November 10 that regulate mevlit program specifying continued his words:\"live from Ataturk's radio first we know that once you've read and studied the Prophet's Birthday Prophet's Birthday each year for the martyrs of Çanakkale . On November 10, I want to beatify the spirit of the Prophet's Birthday swiping Ataturk . Unfortunately, in recent years on November 10 , in October 29 in March 18th, August 30th in mosques has become almost not mentioned Ataturk . Mercy of our great leader is 10 November and will continue to mention thankfully . 18 March in the Çanakkale Martyrs memorial will continue to mercy and gratefully . Monday, November 10, 2014 I read Eminonu Fatih District in New Mosque after noon prayers at Istanbul mevlidi and I invite all of our people. Because Ataturk is 76 million common spiritual values. If you read your prayer today in our mosques and our worship as free if we can do it before then you owe it to God Ataturk . Waiting in mevlidi Hence everyone to read in the New Mosque on November 10th. \"Photo \"< strong> SHUT DOWN ANY PARTY NOT TRUE \"Answering the questions of the Photo Journalists Özkes , in relation to allegations that hdp'n is closed , \"Shutting down is not the right of any party . Parties can not be closed off to ideas . Therefore, no matter which party closing cycle must end , no party should not be closed , \"he said . Photo Özkes , \"Are you going to file an official complaint about the lizards show? \"To the question \"I do not find the right . What is happening? He watched the last part of last week directory. It really does not get awkward . He grins role . Name and does not fit the content. RTÜK beer before removing this series , I wish to extend this debate \"gave money .

\"Lizard\"in Parliament" comments for.


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