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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:39

Location of Victims Cut President toured Fadıloğlu

Location of Victims Cut President toured Fadıloğlu
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Mayor Fadıloğlu Şehitkamil Ridvan , Eid al-Adha prayers at the mosque after making Seyrantepe pilgrims Bayel established in the municipal market places toured sacrificed their place .

Gaziantep news: Victims cuttings that oversees President Fadıloğlu victim intersecting with citizens bayramlaştı .
Şehitkamil Mayor Ridvan Fadıloğlu , Vice President Murat Özgüler , charitable Özkeçeci and apartment managers with Seyrantepe pilgrims Bayel Mosque makes the Eid prayer after the citizens bayramlaştı . Fadıloğlu President , together with his delegation later established in the municipal market place with citizens visiting the holy places were sacrificed . Previously the measures taken functioning observe and distress whether or not to understand the precise location around stating that the President Fadıloğlu , \"Every feast , as this feast both employees of our brothers feast to celebrate both our citizens to be a combination of all segments where we're visiting . Course, citizens services is also a point we give labor a great happiness are watching . first task when we started this activity in which we started failures each year developing a certain point we brought . today, at this point of our citizens senior satisfaction us are happy. purpose of our nation to serve. their healthy and clean environment, these religious obligations fulfilled us to have largely was pleased . Hopefully next year this service better than I believe that . I in this organization who contributed to all my friends all the cleaning staff of my brothers heartfelt thank you . these layouts in the establishment who contributed apartment directors God bless . Our teams are on duty today saying feast . I take this occasion all the best wishes of our people , I congratulate the blessed Eid al-Adha . Health, peace , happiness freely in a feast to spend hope , \"he said .
services rendered satisfied with the voicing citizens, \"Şehitkamil pleased with the services of our municipality have given . In particular, we will cut the chain hoist system, much like we prepared for our sacrificial . This type of provision of services , we are more than happy . We have our victim here safe, healthy and peaceful manner is provided in the section . In ancient times, in the middle of the street or neighborhood in an improper way of our victims were cut . Now, however, our municipality Şehitkamil to provide the market place with the victim sector as we cut our victim in a clean environment . Ridvan Fadıloğlu our President , today we visited the cuts in place , we celebrated the Feast of the victim looked at the cut . Ridvan Fadıloğlu our President and his team have done thank you very much for this service , \"he said .

Location of Victims Cut President toured Fadıloğlu" comments for.


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