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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:28

Location Study Begins For Quarter mansions in Usak

Location Study Begins For Quarter mansions in Usak
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For neighborhood hosts in Usak Mayor Nurullah planned Cahan made ​​observations in the appropriate land Elm neighborhood .

Uşak news: Mayor to Photo Review Nurullah Cahaya as well as Deputy Mayor Hakan Korkmaz Uludag and was accompanied by Erol and Elm in the District Headman Mustafa Korkmaz . The Mayor stated that the neighborhood is among the election promises of host Nurullah Cahen , so they started to place recorded assessment. Elm neighborhood of their own research work President Cahan said in this context , \"Our municipality is working ceaselessly in order to be a strong municipal social aspects . We intend in terms of urbanization of our city to the social mission of our the best spot next to come to the best place. Here among our major project at this point neighborhood future hosts. Our host will take several important missions , \"he said .
appropriate fields of the detected pointing Cahan will begin after the study was to describe the work that it takes to locate in the whole neighborhood . Mansions of citizens'lives to the transfer they think will be planned so as to have positive effects Cahan , \"Neighborhood for many years rather than just fulfillment of the promises of the host is required to have skills that will serve our city . Prevention of today's growing divorce in the mansion we do, and narrow our planning as to be used as a wedding hall for income is subject to \"shape spoke .
study as soon as possible stating that they want to start Mayor Nurullah Cahen , reported a step would be taken regarding social responsibility with the completion of the neighborhood mansion President Cahen words continued as follows:\"our city will speed up the development in the new period , and will be a livable city . in our city, you will be happy with the work we do all who live and lived to take pleasure from the city. we are still all infrastructure work for it. we want to be a city leader in terms of my other hand social responsibility . we are constantly working on is for it. One of the social responsibility projects are also important we give our neighborhood mansion . Election period also continue my studies to determine where we promised hosts . Today we work in Elm neighborhood took place in this context. We made our neighborhood examined in the appropriate places . Next time we will have to work to locate in other neighborhoods \"Mayor attention also will be valuable to the mission nominal undertaken by Photo neighborhood mansion Nurullah Cahen , \"in terms of the functions carried out subsequently we do our host our Mahal will do positive work. One of the major problems of our time with our experts in our social services of the host we want to avoid divorce . We intend to support our couples with in this case. On the other hand non-financial situation of our young people to meet the needs of our design wedding hall will be concerned. In our neighborhood mansion with many similar applications will be an example of social responsibility , \"he said .

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