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  • 15 Mart 2013, Cuma 08:51

Locker refresh yourself, create from scratch

Locker refresh yourself, create from scratch
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Winter is here. Weather is cold, the sky is gray ... Bored of mind? Here is a new solution for adding color to ordinary days of winter:How about a fresh look?

frustrations with the old attic to remove clothing, you ready?

Yeah, maybe you can not change the paths you pass to go to work. But your body can add a new color to the latest fashion coat streets and life ... Cold days in warm colors and feel welcome. Open the door to your wardrobe and take whatever you who condemned commonality. Now it's time to be a woman from head to toe new:Experience Exchange from outside to inside.

EM Coats and capes

Jackets and coats

Maxi Skirts

ice queen

one color from head to toe

journey into the night,

this winter to become the hero of a novel, what do you think? Girl wandering the streets of the city that blue coat, red cape in front of you or silk dress last night, the women of those mysterious woman ready to expand and re-write the story of your wardrobe.


About the Author: Tamarisk Stars , EM culture, art, literature, and women focusing on issues related to life style,
an editor and writer who worked in publishing and media organizations. Istanbul

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