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  • 14 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 12:00

Longer Breast Cancer nightmare

Longer Breast Cancer nightmare
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Oncoplastic surgical treatment of breast cancer in women with the disease were reported to cease to be a nightmare.

Adana news: Oncoplastic surgical treatment of breast cancer in women with the disease were reported to cease to be a nightmare. Experts
to prevent breast cancer after the age of certain tests should be done necessarily say. The possibility of cancer incidence in the world under the age of 40 he was 7 percent rate, rise to 20 per cent in Turkey attention of experts, and developing facilities that easily remedied with a shortage of patients is remarkable.
the only way to prevent breast cancer, after a certain age, saying that investigations should be made Baskent University Adana Teaching and Research Center, General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr.. Tamer Colakoglu, especially in young women with breast cancer related symptoms do breast surgeons should be evaluated by a physician, he said. Moreover, nowadays, cancer diagnosed in patients with oncoplastic surgery through without fear on the operating table or could stressed.
oncoplastic surgical treatment, due to cancer, lost or The nozzle consists of aesthetic defects, indicating that re-create or repair Assoc. Dr.. Tamer Colakoglu,"So therapeutic oncologic surgery, plastic surgery combined form. Either simultaneously or oncologic surgery after a period applied. Patient breast as well as the appropriate image to provide a solid nozzle applied. Methods earlier breast loss to the patients applied. Oncoplastic surgery thanks ; because of breast cancer patients who underwent surgery, a breast rather than lose it healthy and good appearance to the breasts gained as out of surgery. way; women after surgery morale finding, social life quickly re-adapt and psychological trauma without experiencing breast cancer fights,"he said.

"OPERATION MORALE find themselves exiting"
done until recently in breast cancer surgery, usually taken from the entire breast underlines Assoc. Dr.. Tamer Colakoglu,"Of course, this surgery, the patient's psychology bad effects was leaving. Oncoplastic surgical method, particularly breast cancer disease, the most important issue, one of the body to destroy the integrity and self-perception of the injury situation, more to the emergence is being disposed of. Oncoplastic surgery due to cancer, breast surgery When, for example, overly large or deformed and patient discomfort against breast also being operated. thus due to breast cancer patients who underwent surgery, a breast instead of losing a healthy and good-looking two with breast surgery Taking morale find it."

Longer Breast Cancer nightmare" comments for.


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