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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 13:57

Look for the AK Party was White Restoration Work

Look for the AK Party was White Restoration Work
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AK Party Diyarbakır deputy Mine Lok White , Ulu Mosque and the restoration work on the interior of the castle looked at .

Diyarbakır news: AK Party Diyarbakır deputy Mine Lok White , Ulu Mosque and the restoration work on the interior of the castle looked at .
White, located in the historic town of Sur and the interior of the castle's restoration of the Great Mosque viewed . Examination to White, Foundations Regional Director Text Evsan, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Mehmet Tevfik Arıtürk , Environment and Urban Planning Manager Ufuk Nurullah knowledge , Diyarbakir Museum Director Mehmet Celebi, Diyarbakır Governorship Project General Coordinator Mustafa Basically , the contractor and technical personnel accompanied him. Speaking to reporters after the UAV
Review deputy White, of the city walls , and it is very important that the Walled City and the President Erdogan , the Prime Minister said that during the follow-up work by giving instructions . White, \"Our goal ramparts and Citadel by an open-air museum as a world to win. Way of Diyarbakir city with the identity of all people of the world is to provide services . Our goal this becomes . Ulu Mosque site we visited . Restoration very nicely continues . Mesudiye madrasah on the one hand is over. making them with many organizations working together are . Foundations Regional Directorate, Environment and Urban Development Department and the Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate of four, on the one hand the work we carry out . Disaster law when it was first ramparts and Walled context of urban transformation took place. Istanbul three regions and in Diyarbakir walls and Walled City area in this law took place. Ulu Mosque, ie 5 Haram al-Sharif of Mecca, Medina , Jerusalem and Damascus after the milestone as agreed. around the corrupt and false structures begin to clean up , \"he said .
Prophet. Suleiman Mosque on the back interior of the castle is also visited stated that they White, \"The biggest Artuklu belt in front of the interior of the castle at the entrance we have been . Diyarbakir eight thousand years, inner castle was managed . Cities all management became the center of a group of buildings being . Inner castle restoration work continues. Completion to us , our purpose here in 639 Hz. Suleiman, Khalid Bin Waleed's son, was martyred there. 27th Companions with . Hz . Suleyman Mosque lies . Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, the restoration has finished opening her come made . our goal Prophet. Solomon and 27 Companions befitting manner. interior of the castle and its front as a whole plan of Diyarbakir promotion is to make . herein years misdiagnosed Diyarbakir rightful place is to bring . Actually, the Kurds in the past applied assimilation, denial, rejection policies, Diyarbakir'the history of urban identity , culture was also performed .'re slowly trying to heal these wounds . interior of the castle's restoration work is finished, will be operational in Diyarbakir city museum . 31 thousand 500 works have become . Planning conducted . 12 thousand 400-year history of Diyarbakır will be introduced . In this sense, the restoration of the interior of the castle ramparts As a result of that is very important in the work of the foundation of the 560 mosques, churches and historic houses in Diyarbakır historical factor and is basalt . Our host , our bath and our inn has been restored historical structure emerge , where people live will become an open-air museum . To realize our dream together, we will continue to work with the city's whole dynamic , \"he said .

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