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  • 08 Şubat 2014, Cumartesi 16:50

"Look to the city to remember and to tell"Exhibition in Diyarbakir

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Bringing together young people from different points of the country 'to remember and to tell BAK City' project exhibition, opened in Diyarbakir.

Diyarbakır news:  Abroad from different points of teens brings together 'to remember and to tell the city BAA' project exhibition in Diyarbakir was opened.
Batman, Canakkale, Istanbul and Izmir 24 young people, 'the city and the memory around' brings together'' to remember and to understand the city after Istanbul BAK'' project exhibition at the Art Gallery today Amed Diyarbakir Sumerian Park opened. Anatolian Cultures and Diyarbakir Art Centre Wide Angle Project Office and the Istanbul Center for Documentary Studies conducted in collaboration with BAA Project exhibition, the city and the story focuses on three photo project, five short documentaries, all of the manufacturing process are documented based on the movie and two blocks to work Ranks . The exhibition can be seen until February 26, after Diyarbakır Izmir, Canakkale and will be in Batman.

"Look to the city to remember and to tell"Exhibition in Diyarbakir" comments for.


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