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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 16:45

Look what they found at the summit of terror is over!

Look what they found at the summit of terror is over!
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Hakkari is prohibited because of the terror in the region for 30 years, appeared to avoid.

Terror is over, Turkey rock photos appeared.
ten thousand years of Turkish rock paintings rock paintings-one instance.
Oramar region for the first time reached the Turkish rock motifs.

President of the Association of Denizli

Hope Nature Lovers SIRAC , Hakkari at terror fails to civilians 30 years of Reşko Mountain team of 35 people from different cities in Turkey on August 26 climbing to an altitude of 3 thousand 400 meters from the rock paintings found Oramar region.

Anatolia 'is also argued that he is living proof.

Hakkari Mountain climbing Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association organized a three-day Reşko Denizli Nature Lovers Association (Dosev) is also participated in six dağcıyla. 35 climbers participated in various provinces of Turkey altitude climbers in the area not visited for 30 years due to terrorism, natural beauty, viewing the six-person team of 4 thousand 168 peaked at an altitude of Mount Resko, Gilo glaciers examined. Mountaineering Hakkari Provincial Representative Naci Ertunç'un, released in 1963, is one of the six people involved in the summit book Denizli climber climbing finds hope SIRAC took the traces of rock paintings.

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largest glacier in the area under the foot of Mount Reşko two guide 'to an altitude of 3 thousand 400 meters in Oramar at the edge of the east-facing rocky stream in the region, traces of rock paintings carved on the rocks, reaching Hope SIRAC, motifs engraved on the rocks rock paintings in Turkey says that this is an example of one to one, one by one was displayed. in the region before, Sat Mountains, Plateau and shad Gavurun had discovered in the rock paintings, rock motifs, but the first time in Turkey reached Oramar voicing SIRAC region, rock paintings he is living proof of the Turks in Anatolia before 1071, he said.

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is prohibited to avoid the area for over 30 years because of the terror in Hakkari off limits to anyone not know the rock paintings, explaining that he helped two people living in the region of 60-year-old SIRAC,"the four-day Reşko Mountain, Mountain climbing Dosev six-person team participated in Gilo. Reşko six mountain climbers who climb the peak of Mount was the one. Turkish rock paintings I continued my research here. Reşko largest glacier below the summit of 3 thousand 400-meter-high rock slopes Oramar motifs in Turkey reached the edge of the creek. mountain goats, deer and hundreds of motives with the shaman saw and documented the Turkish Tamgası'nın have been carved on the rocks "he said.


Sat Mountains, Plateau and Gavurun in shad encountered in the Turkish rock paintings, Sticky Thread has been removed from the light of day for the first time, but states that Oramar motifs region E IRAC,"in this region rock paintings rock paintings discovered in that area than previously different. Kaya motifs more intense, as if it has a central view. reaching the place of God as a shaman. higher than the others. around it similar in Central Asia consisting of piles of stone kurgans (burial) there. Research in this area before, the most common motifs shows that less than 10 thousand years" he said.

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Turkish rock motifs originated much earlier than 1071 is proof of the Turks in Anatolia records SIRAC "Terror When many different features of the region began to emerge. 30-year-old highland peasants undisclosed due to terrorism. Terror is over, Turkish rock paintings appeared . authorities under scrutiny, took pictures documenting rock, supposed to do in this regard. certify motives matter professionals who are interested in the Turkish History sent" he said. Knowledgeable researchers Nuray Yakaryılmaz Turkish history, the age of the rock is very similar motifs made in China Yinshan Mountain petrogliflerine or may be moved by means of migration, he said. Researcher of the Turkish rock motifs Kürsat Baytok tamgaları in the region, and is compatible with other rock Bediz, even beyond those in the region, he said.


Look what they found at the summit of terror is over!" comments for.


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