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  • 21 Ocak 2014, Salı 09:10

"Look, will you?"Took full note of theater-goers

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Depending on Tekirdag Saray staged at the Public Education Center Hall"Excuse me?"'s Drama Çerkezköyl took full note of the art.

Tekirdağ news:  Depending on Tekirdag Saray staged at the Public Education Center Hall"Excuse me?"Çerkezköyl from drama took full note of the art. , directed and written by Sinan Bengier that
"Excuse me?"In the game's cabaret, Sinai Benger, Good Idea Theatre players hope Oguz, Ferda Çakırel, Aysegul Aktas, Hilmi Erdem, Abdullah Uysal, Mohamed Smiley, Tuncay Gurel, Suat Inal and starred Zehiroglu than Suh.
of the game consists of two curtains decor is done by Ahmet victim, the players' costumes were designed by the RTL art. Mustafa Ömeroğlu regulated by light and sound in the game is sung lyrics written by Abdullah Uysal. Players standing ovation

two-act"Excuse me?"In a theater, people may encounter in everyday life and musical comedy with elements of social problems were addressed. Meet with the audience in the work of the cabaret format, scenes from the lives of people in different cultures were described. In the game, the social message about violence against women was given."Excuse me?"theater from the Republican People's Party Mayor Candidate Vahap Akay Saray, Saray Kemalist Thought Association, Branch Chairman Orhan Dundar, Special Optimed Hospital doctors and health workers was followed by many citizens. Players of the game was a standing ovation at the end.

"Look, will you?"Took full note of theater-goers" comments for.


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