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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:09

Looking for Solution to Problem Edremitli Dolmuşçu

Looking for Solution to Problem Edremitli Dolmuşçu
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Minibus taxi drivers working in the town of Edremit Balikesir Balikesir asked for solutions to the problems came to the Municipality .

Balıkesir news:
Edremit Minibus Taxi Cooperative Chairman Ethem The minibus taxi driver and front Balıkesir Municipality made ​​a statement . Association-operated 57 vehicle in the same direction, passing through the other lines been victimized by saying that these are solutions to problems wanted to have .
Metropolitan Municipality gathered in front of Edremit cabs Cooperative Chairman Ethem said 20 days ago Metropolitan UKOME by Balikesir from the direction of the tools , Ayvalik , coming from the direction of Gomec said that a decision on the tools . Said , \"This decision from townships minibuses bus station will enter the city entering , said. Past Monday the district from the minibuses action they did. Thereafter the same day Metropolitan Municipality came to the challenge is made up . Municipal officials in negotiations is the victim would say. Fact that they are victims not . Cities in the same line we serve. same time, two hospital patients between victims lest they have free shuttle . O direction of the vehicles in any one victim happens. the distance already around 100 meters , \"he said .
same route associations connected to 57 vehicle runs note that attracting the President said the \"citizens it in the direction of being a victim is not possible. this regard to the Municipality came . this decision repatriation to know whether you have come to . this decision of the city traffic also comforting to have more features. we supplied behind the decision to focus we want . incoming responses , is there a political decision do not want to know about it , \"he said .
comply with the decisions Edremit Police Department is claiming that the President said \"At the moment the crime is being processed. Exiting a different decision should be applied even though the decision is not implemented. One day the application was made only by the Police Department . He returned at the end of this application . Tools are currently going through our itinerary . These tools should not do was hop-thousand-thousand were landed even though they do . We're eating right . We do not want to take their passengers , passengers who belong to us , also we want them to play . We want our right to be respected . From the district where our right to vans come and go without any fine to the bus station . Rules are complied with . Ring road was fully opened , the traffic is flowing. Now, without any problems come and go , these tools should ring road , need to be entered into the city . This means that we charge less than our carrying charges carry passengers , and they're gaining an unfair advantage . We mağduruz cabs as trades . Step back our request towards this decision , \"he said .

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