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  • 06 Temmuz 2013, Cumartesi 12:38

" Looking for the most appropriate transitional system"

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Nabi Avci Minister of National Education, the method changes the transition to secondary education system is the most suitable for creating searches, he said.

Transition to International Conference on Education Levels Created

Sarıyer. He also attended the conference, Nabi Avci. Hunter changes in secondary education minister in his speech here is the best system for capturing said. In recent years, radical changes and innovations in the Turkish education system, indicating bulunduklarını in an intensive study with Hunter, 'transition to secondary education system in our studies and examinations also featured in one of our fields and priority. These studies reveal the scope of the examination system is an ideal system, several changes have been made in order to transition to secondary education and new opportunities and changes in the sense of achieving an ideal system still remains in our agenda. Of course, the main goal of the work and the transition to secondary education system, the quality of system changes is to move to the international level."He said.

Hunter Minister outlining the changes made in the process, 'in practice, High Schools Transition Exam (LGS) Secondary School Examination (OKS ), Secondary Transition System (element) under the 6th, 7th and 8th grades Placement in attendance exam (SBS) since 2010 only 8 SBS has experienced significant changes in grades up. 'he said.

secondary changes in the most appropriate method for creating transit system that records is a result of the searches Hunter,' those of us in the search for secondary education is the continuation of the search for the most appropriate transition plan. Standards of developed countries, and the permanent nature of our country should be complying with the terms of transition to secondary education system for the development of a new minister with the relevant departments of the work carried out in the non-departmental stakeholders' contributions and participation of our work will be decisive in obtaining the original shape. In this sense, the World Bank and the Ministry of Education Levels Transition Conference gerçekleştirdiği'Uluslararası think we will achieve significant outcomes."He said.

Minister Hunter left the hall after the speech at the conference. Departure of the members of the press waiting for him in the hunter left unanswered questions on the agenda.

" Looking for the most appropriate transitional system"" comments for.


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