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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 17:54

Lösev'e'is goodness in Edirne Trailer

Lösev'e'is goodness in Edirne Trailer
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Help children with leukemia and their families will aim to distribute the favors of LÖSEV truck came to Edirne .

Edirne news:
Turkey around the needs that children with leukemia and their families with food, clothing, textiles, stationery, toys and red meat assistance LÖSEV registered children with leukemia and their families so as to bring the antebellum the goodness and the truck in Edirne Ilhan Koman Park at six in the old mosque to distribute aid .
Abundance known as the month of Ramadan many cities and towns across the country as part aims to ride . Istanbul Office Responsible for Social Services Ayşenur Sözeri 20 from Edirne to bring aid to children and families what they want , also in the county who can not come in and help deliver this through the cargo , he said. Sözeri , \"Lösev'e registered in many leukemia our child and family, dry food from the hold , the red meat packs , clothes , the toys , the cleanliness and stationery supplies to the many issues our families needs in the areas where their needs'll work to resolve . We , ie social workers by the needs that have been identified families that aid we deliver . Today Edirne'd are . Edirne living in 20 our child and family have mentioned aid'll bring . remote districts to sit our event who can not attend all the other families in our shipping assistance through our'll bring , \"he said .
as well as assistance in various provinces of Turkey Edirne today after truck tour tomorrow Marmara Istanbul and Tekirdag including BSNL and then continued to walk around the entire Marmara .


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