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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 20 Temmuz 2013, Cumartesi 12:53

Lost access to the Apple developer portal

Lost access to the Apple developer portal
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These applications, the developer, the developer's said that for the first time faced with something like this.

Sticky Thread for more than one day of Apple's developer portal

Unable to access. Sticky Thread is closed cause of great concern to the developers page for certain unknown, software developers are waiting for clarification from Apple.

iOS and OS X operating systems when you open the portal is not prepared for certain, AppleInsider site since 2008, the long-term interruption of said happened.

Apple, the developer portal web page, will come back in a short time. Home care is being an extended duration. Thank you for your patience put ederiz'notunu.

software developers, bound hand and foot

Developer portal access not be provided for iOS and OS X software developer kits (SDKs) downloadability means. In this case, the development of numerous applications that are dependent on third parties in many technology giant Apple, applications 24/7 is to be tested in the past in front.

developers of Apple's developer at the same time connect to the forums. These forums prepared by developers to test their code pays off is very important.

Furthermore, software developers, Apple Sticky Thread to check their mutual confidentiality agreement did not violate need to connect to the developer portal.


open all night waiting for the developer portal developers implemented in Turkey does not, social media has become one of the most debated topics.

complaints on Twitter and Facebook, waiting for clarification from Apple telling developers. Jonathan ozera's software developer, has taken hashtag # HugeInconvenience tweet'te, 'opened for more than 24 hours in front of the Apple developer portal dazzled ... Olmadım'ifadesini used previously witnessed such a thing.

Lost access to the Apple developer portal" comments for.


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